Top Tips From A Tilbury Masterclass

We’ve all got our favourite makeup brands… I think my love for all things Charlotte Tilbury has been pretty well documented (here and here for example), so I’m always up for learning more about the brand. last week my Charlotte Tilbury loving friend and I went to a masterclass at their Covent Garden store and learnt some tips & tricks from lead artists on how to get glowing skin and how to master some makeup. In the interest of sharing, I wanted to talk about the┬áTop Tips From A Tilbury Masterclass…

Brightening Youth Glow

The Brightening Youth Glow is a hybrid makeup-skincare product designed to colour-correct and add glow. As it gives such good glow, you can double up on the skin benefits by massaging it into the skin for a few minutes – extra glow! Using circular motions, the products gets really worked into the skin. For a glowing base, it’s best to use something light like Light Wonder and polish that into the skin before adding extra concealer as and where you might need it.

The New Highlighter

The Hollywood Beauty Light Wand is one of the makeup artist’s new favourite products – everyone was in love with it. It’s a liquid rose gold highlighter designed to flatter all skin tones, coming in a tube with a sponge-tip applicator. It can be used under makeup, mixed in with foundation or used on top of makeup to add lots of light. It’s best when applied in a C shape across cheekbones and brow bone and then patted in with finger tips.

Follow The Hollow

When it comes to contouring, it’s much easier to keep things simple. Things can get overly complicated and look messy really easily, but just enhancing your natural bone structure is the easiest way to go. Especially for cheekbones, it’s an old tip but a good one – suck in your cheeks and then use a powder to shade where there’s natural shadow. The powder & sculpt brush is fab for this as it’s tapered!

Easy Eyeliner

Charlotte is known for her smoky eye looks, with the Golden Goddess shades being some of the easiest for an everyday look. When it comes to the perfect liner look, one of the easiest ways to add definition is to use one of the pencil liners across the lash line. The lead artist showed us how you can get the pencil to do all of the work for you – gently massaging the product into the lash line using a back and forwards motion leaves the perfect amount of product with minimal effort. To make the eyes look more elongated, it’s also a good step to make sure the inner corner of the lid is covered. When I do liner in a rush I tend to just do the outer corner of the eyes but getting the inner corners gives everything a more feline look.

Pillow Talk

Lastly, we have lipstick. Charlotte’s Pillow talk lipliner is the perfect shade for overdrawing the lips – it was designed to mimic the natural lip shade so it always looks natural. When it comes to over-lining the top lip, there’s a small area above the lips that has very little pigment so it doesn’t look too much. I use this lip liner all the time as a base under pretty much any shade, and it’s an absolute dream for making things look a bit pouty.