Trying Fenty Beauty

Trying Fenty Beauty

Ok, so I’m going to go ahead and say that 2017 was the year of Fenty… The brand launched to so much hype, and I think the way Rhianna has revolutionised the game of all-inclusive beauty has led to a lot of brands falling behind. It’s obviously still making waves because there’s still a queue outside Harvey Nichols pretty much all the time. The demand is real! I finally got round to Trying Fenty Beauty and (me being me) I had to start with the lips and the highlighters.

Starting off the first product I tried, the Stunna lip paint, because this is what piqued my interest in the brand. This is a serious red. Super saturated right away, with a long-lasting and intense formula that manages to last all night. It does take a while to dry down before sticking (and it’s never entirely smudge-proof) but this also mean that it’s not too drying or uncomfortable. I wore it to a Christmas party and didn’t have to reapply once. Impressive stuff. This is by far one of the best liquid lipsticks I’ve tried, so I’m eagerly hoping that more shades drop later this year.

More lipsticks? Always. The Mattemoiselle plush matte lipsticks are the newest launch from the brand, with a pretty colourful lineup. I’ve got Spanked, Candy Venom & Ma’Damn. Spanked is a medium dusty rose that pretty much has the perfect deeper nude shade. Candy Venom is a bright hot pink that reminds me of something like candy yum yum but a little more blue. Such a fun shade. Ma’Damn is your classic red shade that leans a little more pink on me than then stunna lip paint.

The formula on these is really nice, if you like matte lipsticks. It’s definitely drying, but it’s really light on the lips considering the colour payoff you get. The formula is also super long-wearing with Candy Venom lasting a whole day with one minimal touchup. The lipsticks have really slim packaging (very light and it does feel a little cheap) and a tiny applicator – it makes it fairly easy to fill in the lips but I have found that the colour ends up smudging around the casing a fair bit.

Lastly is the beautiful Killawatt highlighter duo – the Octagonal packaging makes me happy. The formula on this is super-soft and leaves a lot of sheen on the skin. It’s very very pretty, and the duo shade is surprisingly handy when it comes to highlighting different areas of the face. What I do especially like is how many shades the highlighter comes in – again, really catering for everyone.


Have you tried Fenty Beauty?