Valentine’s Day Perfumes For Him & Her

Valentine's Day Perfumes For Him & Her

It’s official. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it’s time for a few treats. Whether that’s for yourself (always) or a present for your significant other, Chris and I teamed up with Fragrance Direct to share our Valentine’s Day Perfumes For Him & Her, should you need some inspiration. We’ve got the right perfume for both, just in time for the most romantic day of the year! This most meant I had an actual photography assistant to help me get the right shot, which made dreams come true (and possibly Chris’ nightmare).

Emporio Armani

My thoughts on Because It’s You: This is a lovely and sparkling perfume that I would describe as happy – it’s very feminine, soft and inviting. On first spritz it’s definitely very soft with the vanilla and rose but then there’s a lot of musk which deepens the scent and adds a nice level of sophistication.┬áIt pairs beautifully with the male counterpart – they balance each other and complement each other.

Chris’ thoughts on Stronger With You: ‘It’s very sleek and classy, and the sort of thing you might wear on a really nice night out paired with a suit. It simply evokes style and it’s my new go-to nighttime fragrance.‘ It’s a modern scent, with a spicy mix – there’s a dash of cardamon in there to warm it up along with pink peppercorn. The fact that the bottles match also makes me very happy! Looks so neat and orderly.

Boss The Scent

My thoughts on BOSS The Scent For Her: This scent is described as being an extremely seductive scent, which makes it a strong contender for Valentine’s Day! It definitely smells like a date night scent to me. It’s a floral-fruity scent with gourmand tones to make it seem a little richer. It has honey-peach notes with freesia, blossom and then roasted cocoa beans – delicious!

Chris’ thoughts on BOSS the Scent: ‘Fresh. Sporty. Clean. A few spritzes from this beautifully designed bottle is the perfect accompaniment to your daytime routine. I’m wearing this a lot when I have important meetings and want to feel (and smell) my best.‘ This is a really rich fragrance with ginger and a touch of leather to toughen it up. It’s a lovely scent, and it smells spicy & fresh.


So those are our perfume picks from Fragrance Direct – I’d love to know what your perfect perfume pairings are! I think having a fragrance for date night is so nice, and I know that I associate certain perfumes with certain events… Jo Malone english pear & freesia is my Barcelona perfume forever! There are so many perfumes on the FD site, at really good prices, so it’s great to have a browse and discover a new scent.

– collaborative post with Fragrance Direct –


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