My Workspace & Staying Organised

A Tour Of My Workspace

Maybe the best bit about being in charge of my own working space is that my desk can be exactly how I like it. Everything is as organised as possible, and I’m allowed to have unlimited stationery and I can spend ages making it just right. Just for fun, I’m sharing some of my top tips for being organised when it comes to blogging as well.

Staying organised

So at the moment my daily routine consists of adding bits and pieces to my to-do list and then having a cup of tea and trying to take on the world. I’m the biggest fan of to-do lists because ticking things off is just the most satisfying thing in the world. I’m also enjoying putting on a podcast for the background noise and then working on some posts.

When it comes to staying organised for posting, my main focus is that everything can be broken down into batches to make things more efficient. I take photos in bulk, plan posts in bulk and have a session where I write as many posts as I can. When I have the time to get ahead of myself, I like to be a week or two ahead.

How I plan content out

So at the moment I have a very sophisticated method of planning that involves scribbling ideas down in a notebook. Groundbreaking stuff. One of my biggest tips for coming up with a continuous stream of content is to jot down any idea you have, as soon as you have it. Little ideas can snowball into something bigger really easily, and if I don’t write it down I forget it! I have a google document where I plan out the dates for all the posts and then things are colour-coded depending on what stage they are at… So at any given stage I know what posts are missing photos, editing and publishing.

If I was more organised I would keep a note of any incoming PR packages and when I have any post deadlines or photoshoots planned. Maybe one to work on for this year.