Your Updated Guide to Exfoliating

A good exfoliator is one of the most important steps in any skincare routine; the right product reveals luminosity and makes sure any makeup sits nicely on the skin. From your classic scrubs getting an update to the new exfoliators, here’s your updated Guide to Exfoliating…

Microbeads = banned

So it’s official – microbeads are banned in the UK. They’re tiny pieces of plastic put in products like face scrubs; washed into the ocean, microbeads and are generally terrible so this is great news! There are plenty of great scrubs available for the skin that don’t have a detrimental effect on the skin like this one from Origins and this one from Dermalogica.

If you don’t know where to start and do need a solid guide to exfoliating, I do find that a traditional exfoliator is good to have in your arsenal. Once a week or so, it’s good to use. It’s one of the best things to instantly make skin look a lot brighter and radiant.

Chemical exfoliators are here in a big way

The second part of my guide to exfoliating is all about the acids! Chemical exfoliators have been around for a while, but they are having a bit of a moment. Essentially a chemical exfoliator is a gentle and effective way of making sure skin is as soft as possible.

There are notable ones like Pixi Glow Tonic (more on that here) and the Clarins brightening toner, which have been around for a while and definitely gained more notoriety after Caroline Hirons publicised them. I’ve used the glow tonic for years and find it a great product to use; definitely doesn’t tingle on my skin anymore but I notice a brightening effect a few days after use.

New noteworthy launches

The new acid toners of note are from Glossier and REN. The Solution from Glossier obviously caused a few waves when it launched because… it’s Glossier. They can do no wrong, really. Designed for daily use, it’s pretty gentle and doesn’t really sting skin. It has a blend of AHA, BHA & PHA, and it’s backed up with some impressive testimonials including 4/4 people noticing unclogged pores and reduced redness after 3 weeks. I’ve tried it about 6 times now, so I don’t want to comment on its long-term efficacy but it feels good! It has been leaving my skin feeling a lot smoother come morning. Chris is testing this out as well and he’s complained about it stinging, but he’s not a hardened skincare addict (like me).

The REN ready steady glow daily tonic is another new gentle exfoliator that’s adding to their extensive glow-getting line. I’ve tried this one even less, so this is definitely more of a news update in terms of this being an exciting new launch. It has lactic acid (stimulates the skin) and willow bark along with salicylic acid (unclogs pores) meaning it’s a good pick for when skin is looking a little lacklustre or perhaps feels a tad congested. Plus this one smells like tangerines so it’s a gorgeous little treat for the skin.