A Cosy Night In

Given that it’s so very cold outside, it’s essentially mandatory to stay in, wrap up & be cosy. This is more than OK with me at any given time, because my idea of a fun night in is with Netflix, gin and plenty of blankets. Amara is running a cosy Valentine’s day campaign, so I’m sharing my Cosy Night In essentials.

Let’s take a minute to appreciate the beauty of this Bella Freud candle. It’s just a vision in pink. I’d been eyeing up a Bella Freud candle for a while, because you can pretty much never have enough candles flickering away, right? One day I’m going to have a BF jumper, too. That’s what I tell myself! This one smells absolutely incredible with tuberose, amber and sandalwood making it smell comforting. I’m going to go ahead and say that anyone lucky enough to receive this as a little Valentine’s Day present is going to be very happy.

Also hi my name is Laura and I like all things pink. This hexagon tray is beautiful and is taking pride of place on my dressing table. Hay is one of those brands that seems so effortlessly chic and I’m all for trying to channel a bit of that in the flat. You can stack and join up other trays in the line, and the neat shape is just so pleasing.

A cosy night in checklist

  1. Lots and lots of blankets because being cold is just not the one for me.
  2. Something good to watch – time to binge a new show on Netflix or watch Harry Potter for the 1000th time
  3. Someone to sit next to as you scroll through your phone – this honour goes to Chris
  4. A candle burning – we’ve got that one covered
  5. All of the snacks – a cosy night in is the perfect opportunity to have what Chris calls a ‘deluxe hot chocolate’ which involves cream and marshmallows

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