A Skin Detox

Our skin is constantly under attack from a whole host of external aggressors: sunlight, HEV light, cold weather and pollution all wreak havoc on the complexion. As someone who suffers from what I would call city skin (thanks, London) I am always on the lookout for products that help make a difference in brightness and also help to leave the skin feeling cleaner. Whilst the concept of a detox is a little misleading when it comes to marketing, there’s a few products which deliver on their promises and help to transform the skin.

Brush up

The new Evening Detox mask from This Works has been designed to combat all the negatives that come from living in a busy urban air. The damage from pollution is real! Pollution is able to go beneath the skin’s surface and attack cells causing sensitivity, dullness, clogged pores and a whole host of other lovely skincare issues. I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my skin after not being in central all day everyday, but I’m still battling the London skin life. This new mask has been designed to be revitalise skin and leave it purified.

It’s a ten minute treatment that can be brushed on – the packaging comes with a built in brush so you can swipe on without getting product all over your hands. I love the ease of the design but I think the brush would need to be washed to make sure it stays as hygienic as possible…

The mask itself is bright green. Bright green. It will make you look like Shrek. It’s green due to the Malachine, which is a really good antioxidant which means it protects skin against free radicals and pollution. It also has kaolin clay to absorb any excess oil and to leave skin feeling fresh as well as fruit acids to gently exfoliate. It’s not one of those masks which leaves the skin feeling really tight or dry – you can almost forget it’s on and let it do its thing. Once washed off, skin is noticeably smoother and brighter and my t-zone felt a lot less oily.

Oil down

An old skincare favourite is the Caudalie overnight detox oil; it’s my go to whenever my skin is having a tantrum and I want to leave it feeling clarified. I know, sounds odd for an oil! This isn’t what I’d think of when I think of a traditional oil – rather than something like the Pai oil (which I love for when my skin is dry), this detox oils leaves your skin nicely balanced. It tends to come out whenever I’m suffering from a hormonal skin attack. It’s a really good one to add into the mix if you’re battling dullness but don’t want to have anything heavy on the skin. Did I mention it smells slightly minty and refreshing, too?