A Tribute To Edith

Have you ever spritzed a perfume and instantly felt like a whole new person? Just like you but a little bit more sophisticated and more elegant. When I spritzed on Parterre’s A Tribute To Edith, I instantly felt fancier. I’m not sure what could get better than a perfume that transforms your mood for the better. If you like rich and rosy scents, then you’re going to want to check this out. If you want more rose, check this post out!

Who are Parterre?

Parterre Fragrances are all made in Keyneston Mill, a botanic garden based in Dorset. It’s a 50-acre estate solely dedicated to the curation of making the ingredients behind the perfume; the ingredients are grown, harvested and distilled on site. This means that every single fragrance is part of a limited run, as the year’s crop dictates how much of a particular oil they have – every bottle is hand-numbered (mine is #47 of a certain bath, FYI!). Once the crop is harvested, all of the ingredients are distilled into oils. I went to an event with Parterre and saw a pop-up distillery and it was just like the perfume equivalent of Charlie & the chocolate factory! The ingredients are all cultivated here in the UK, and then the fragrances themselves are composed in Grasse with master perfumer Jacques Chabert (he’s worked with Chanel & Guerlain, so he knows his stuff!).

A Tribute To Edith

So, the rose scent that exudes sophistication. It was named as a tribute for Edith Piaf’s La Vie en Rose, and it’s suitably romantic. This is just such a beautifully rich rose scent – it’s not artificial in the slightest (my fear when it comes to rose perfumes) and whilst it’s obviously floral it smells so fresh and authentic. It has some geranium in it, as well as patchouli and then ‘liquor accents’ which adds this whole new level of sultriness.

The first spritz pretty much smells like you’re walking through a rose garden in summer. It just magically captures that heady sweetness without being too strong or cloying. Then afterwards, it dries down to something warmer and richer. Beautiful.

If rose isn’t your thing as much as it is mine, there’s also Run Of The River, which is a citrus scent with mint and lemon and Root Of All Goodness, which has amber, bergamot and ginger.


I’m really excited about my new perfume find – I think that niche brands offer something so interesting to the market, and the limited edition bottles definitely play up the element of exclusivity.