Deskside Beauty Essentials

My¬†Deskside Beauty Essentials have sort of doubled since working at home… I have pretty much got a beauty counter situation going on. On the days when I’m chained to my desk all day, having some of my favourite products within reach is just the best. It’s less about wearing makeup and more about having hand creams, hydrators and lip balms on my person at all times.

Hand cream

I’ve just got to have a hand cream – my hands get really dry, so I like to slather something on multiple times a day. Hand cream does make you feel sort of grown up, too! My favourite formula is the L’Occitane shea butter one and now it’s looking more beautiful than ever with the Rifle Paper Co collaboration. It’s just so pretty! You can see the rose edition in this post. The formula is so rich and hydrating but it doesn’t make your hands too sticky so you can get back to typing in a few seconds.


I’ve also got at least one of the Glossier balm dotcoms on my desk at any time, with my pick of the week being the birthday cake flavour. I’ve raved about these a lot, but I just love and find they do a good job at hydrating the lips. Not as cute, but still a must, are the eyelergy eye drops. I love eye drops. I just hate having dry eyes so I’m definitely an eye drop addict… Also in the hydrator category is the Omorovicza queen of hungary mist; a really fine spray that is definitely an indulgence but one I love using. It smells delicious and it’s a good little refresher for in the middle of the day.