Everyday Eye Makeup Favourites

They say eyes are the window to the soul, so I would my soul is pretty glittery. I’ve sort of refined my everyday eye makeup favourites down to a handful of beautiful products; they’re too good not to share! Yup, I’m talking about my favourite glitters again…

Shimmer shimmer

Oh, the Stila glitters. How I love thee. Every time I wear them (pretty much everyday) I get asked what it is, which is surely the sign of a good makeup product, non? Might just start carrying one around with me so I can demonstrate to people how good they are. I have the majority of the shades, but my favourite at the moment is Bronzed Bell, a perfect shade for adding a little something extra to the lids. You just swipe on the shade and it stays all day.

The shade of it all

At the moment, I wear it with the Urban Decay eyeshadow in Riff buffed all over the lid. You definitely don’t need to wear a shadow under the glitter, but I find having the slight transition makes it look as though you’ve put in loads more work than you really have. So I just take a fluffy brush, like the mac 217, and swipe the shade all over the lid and then slightly underneath the lower lash line. It’s a really good shade, with it being slightly burnished and warm-toned. I’m also quite enjoying the ease and simplicity of having a single shadow – it feels refreshingly minimal after pretty much just using huge 12-pan minimum palettes exclusively for years.

Line it up

If I’m not wearing the glitters, then I’m using one of the Charlotte Tilbury cream shadows as a liner. I’ve ignored the suggestion of picking certain shades to enhance certain eye colours and just gone with the bronze shades. The formula is so lovely and creamy, but long-lasting and smudge-proof. Only downfall is they’re massive and need a specific sharpener, which I have lost…

Ready to flutter

I can’t say I’m at all loyal to mascara… I’ve tried loads and loads over the years. Every time I pretty much wonder if the next one will be ~the one~ and so I keep looking. One I have come back to a few times though is the Too Faced better than sex. I know, it’s super popular, but for pretty good reason. It does do a good job at adding volume, length and drama and I do really like it.


What eye makeup pieces are you loving right now?