Falling In Love With Tropic

Something I take super seriously is the curation of the perfect bath… There has to be a good book involved, some candles flickering in the background, the right temperature and exactly the right product. As it’s so cold outside at the moment, I’m really enjoying taking the time to indulge in a luxurious bath. I’ve discovered the dreamy Tropic Bath Soaks, which have seriously upgraded my bath time routine; they’re the perfect pre-Valentine’s Day pamper for cold nights. If you’re looking to upgrade your bath then now’s the time as these bath soaks are currently £10 off…

What makes the bath soaks different?

As soon as the oil hits the water, it transforms into a silky-soft milk that adds a milky hue to the bath. I’ve used bath oils before where the product has just left the bath slippery and it didn’t feel conditioning on the skin. The bath soaks are definitely an indulgent treat that transform your bathroom ritual into something incredibly indulgent. You just pour three capfuls of the oil into a running bath and relax. I’m going to say that taking a photo of pouring this into the bath almost led to me dropping both my phone and camera into the bath so would not recommend! Sometimes taking blog photos can be risky business…

Soothe The Senses

Ah, as I’m writing this the scent is making me feel relaxed. This is an absolute treat after a long day because it’s like having a hug. I’m definitely a twenty-something grandma because having a bath and getting into my pyjamas is one of my favourite things to do… Soothe The Senses has cedarwood essential oil which smells really warm and comforting and helps to get rid of any tension. It also has frangipani flower extract to add to the whole tranquility vibe and it has vitamin E & macadamia oil to leave the skin silky soft.

Awaken The Senses

If you’re more of a fan of having a bath that leaves you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed, then Awaken The Senses is the fragrance for you. It’s zesty and fresh and definitely leaves you feeling rested. With bergamot, lime, lemon, mandarin & sweet orange essential oils, it definitely smells delicious! The neroli & basil essential oils are really good for soothing muscles as well, which is something I always want when I have a bath (the perils of working hunched in front of a desk all day leave my back sore).


Which one of the bath soaks sounds up your street?

– post written in collaboration with Tropic –