Getting A Flawless Base Every Time

My favourite bit of makeup is always acing my base, because the before & after of foundation is always the most dramatic transformation. Taking my face and then making it look like me, but polished, is something I always enjoy. There are so many steps to getting the perfect flawless base though, so I’m sharing my tips onĀ Getting A Flawless Base Every Time.

Finding the right primer

A primer can really make the world of difference to a flawless foundation application. I have been a big primer convert for years and years, and I’ve narrowed it down to my top picks. I tend to go for glowy formulas because my skin can err on the side of dry and dull (yay). Whenever I don’t use a primer I notice the difference right away in how my foundation looks on the skin. The right primer can mattify skin to make sure your nose doesn’t get shiny, add luminosity & colour correct the skin. Pretty much any skin concern can be targeted with the right primer! My all time favourite primers are from Laura Mercier, Becca and Clarins. Also worth flagging is that primers and foundations need to have the same base to mesh, so water-based for both works well.

Picking the right formula

There are about 10,581 foundation formulas out there, so finding ~the one~ is no small feat! The main thing would be to determine what your skin is feeling like – if it’s dry, go for something with a fluid and light formula to make sure dry patches aren’t accentuated. I like the Charlotte Tilbury light wonder or the Clinique glow for this. If skin is oily, go for something mattifying and something more powdery or mousse-like. I like the Clarins and the Kat Von D for this. Someone with combination skin could use two foundations – one illuminating on any dry spots and one oil-absorbing on any shiny spots (this is what I do a lot!). Or, something like the new nars foundation manages to sit in the middle and it suitable for pretty much all skin types – more on that here.

Acing the application

Once you’ve got the right primer and the perfect formula, it all comes down to application. For a super natural finish I think just applying the foundation with your hands is always good – tools aren’t always needed. The warmth from your skin warms up the product and helps it melt in but I do find makeup doesn’t last quite as long. For a more full-coverage look, brushes are always good for a flawless finish and they’re so quick! My favourite method will always be with a beauty blender. Nothing else quite matches up to the smooth and seamless application and it means makeup never looks cakey; once you try one, you’re hooked.


Do you have any tips forĀ Getting A Flawless Base Every Time?