How To Take Your Blog To The Next Level

How To Take Your Blog To The Next Level

Running a blog is a lot of commitment. Pretty much all of my time gets poured into my little space on the internet. Something I’m still figuring out is how much time goes into producing content and how much time goes into working on behind-the-scenes pieces; everyday I’m trying to improve my blog and social channels so I thought I’d share some quick tips on How To Take Your Blog To The Next Level.

Come up with a strategy

Something I do a lot is try and evaluate my blog and look at what’s performing well and what isn’t. I don’t support being overly critical to yourself but I can endorse it when it comes to strategising for your blog. Having a plan is the best way to stay on track – getting a new notebook and spending some time outlining your plans and goals for the blog is always going to be good. Treating your blog like a business is just sensible in today’s over-saturated, over-edited and polished digital world. Every business has a strategy & a plan so you should!

Consider some professional steps

Little things like having your own domain and matching email address can make a big difference in how ~professional~ you look. Especially emails! Nothing screams amateur like Having your own domain is so important for DA & stats – the things brands are looking for. There’s extra steps like having business cards, a media kit and a consistent logo which all work together to help establish your identity online. You can be extra like me and define your own branding colours too!

Find out what your best social platforms are

It’s really easy to judge which are the best platforms for your blog in terms of traffic – the ones bringing the most people to your blog are going to be your strongest. For me, my strongest is twitter and so I make sure to share links on there. I use buffer (which I’ve mentioned before here) to make sure it’s topped up with content so the traffic can keep ticking away whilst I’m doing other things. Working out which platforms are worth investing your time into can save you so much hassle! For me, I can see that Pinterest needs to be improved so it’s something I spend time working on too.

Work on monetising your blog

This one is more undefined because they’re no set amount you can make from blogging. It’s a pretty undefined sort of territory, with brands trying daily to avoid paying you. I’d say set up adsense, affiliate links and then pitching for some sponsored posts across your blog and social. No one really talks about money in blogging that much so it’s a very mysterious area… full disclosure, I’m able to blog full time through sponsored posts, Instagram ads and then some designing work. Everyone has different skill sets so it’s really working out what works best for you and then developing skills.

Keep on learning new things

The good and exciting thing about the internet and blogging is that things are constantly evolving. This essentially means that you can never stop learning or improving. Things like the Instagram algorithm are changing all the time; it’s good to stay up on top of everything new. I like to listen to social media podcasts (lol don’t judge me) and then I read a few social media blogs to learn about new trends. Basically, taking your blog to the next level involves staying up the date with current trends and constantly learning new skills.


Do you have any tips on How To Take Your Blog To The Next Level?

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