January In Review

It’s finally happened. January is over. I thought it might never end, but it has and now we can all rejoice and enjoy February. Spring might very well be just around the corner, so life is looking up. It has also been my first month of working just for me (and I survived!), so this has been a good start to the year.

I pitched, a lot. Well wasn’t this an interesting month for bloggers! With that hotel (see more on my thoughts here) sort of exploding all over the internet, there was a lot of scrutiny for bloggers and the industry as a whole. I think being a blogger is a strange thing because you’re sort of making your own path as you go. It’s unprecedented, and so I don’t really think there’s a vastly right or wrong way to do things. It’s brand new, baby! This month I’ve been emailing and networking my way round town, and I’m working with some of favourite brands as a consequence – very exciting. I think the main thing is to work hard on your content and keep on focussing on your blog, because you actually own that space (as opposed to sneaky Instagram).

I also worked a lot this month on doing some designing and branding pieces for some lovely bloggers (hit me up if you want anything!), and also worked on taking some social media photography for brands. So far my main takeaway is that it’s a lot of time and effort working for yourself but opportunities are there for the taking (and they don’t always land in your inbox without putting in a lot of graft). A big yes for being in charge.

I didn’t have the January blues. Not even a little bit. Definitely because of my new work-life balance situation, but I’ve felt really optimistic this month and have remained grateful for everything going on. What was blue was this gorgeous dress from Joanie (dress here). Perfect for twirling around the streets of London in pursuit of the perfect picture. I wore it when we celebrated Chris’ birthday – it’s the nicest way to finish off a typically dreary month. We went to Clerkenwell Grind for brunch, which has the best coffee and chicest interior. On that note, I’m trying to share a wider mix of content including homewares, London snippets and fashion as well! Still all about the beauty, but variety is the spice of life…

Five Things I Watched on Netflix this month

  1. Friends – duh. Like everyone else, I blasted my way through all ten seasons (eek)
  2. The Good Place – so, so funny! Really smart and different
  3. Emelie – good babysitter-based horror movie, well worth checking out
  4. The Open House – awful, really awful! Bad Netflix
  5. Gossip Girl – I needed another show to have on in the background after Friends xoxo

Five blog posts I loved

  1. This excellent post from Vix on what Friends taught us
  2. This cute post from Alice on Joshua’s 3 month update
  3. This post from Megan giving me all the style inspiration
  4. This post from Beth on banishing online negativity
  5. This post from Jasmine on whether Instagram is really worth the effort

My five most popular posts in January

  1. A brand new start
  2. 25 blog improvements
  3. Five flatlay tips
  4. Know your value as a blogger
  5. How I edit my photos


How was your January?