New From Alpha-H

Sundays are made for skincare. The two just really go hand in hand. I’m all about mixing up my skincare routine regularly and trying new brands, so I’m excited to share what’s New From Alpha-H. Their cult classic liquid exfoliant has been repackaged in a shiny new bottle and they’re got an interesting new launch…

Liquid gold

The liquid gold formula is definitely what I would consider a cult classic. It has had a revamp in terms of packaging, so it’s looking a bit fresher and it now comes in a bigger 200ml bottle. This product is used by a lot of beauty editors, insiders and experts and is called an overnight facial. It works by lowering the skin’s PH which helps to clarify and brighten – it also helps to alleviate pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles. It definitely does sting a little upon application, which is it working to get rid of the top layers of dead skin cells.

I’ve used liquid gold for a few years now, and I love it for a really quick & easy skin treatment. You can swipe it all over the face on a cotton pad and then leave it, so it’s my go-to when I’m feeling lazy… In the morning, skin looks a little brighter and fresher. It’s also a really good one to sub in when skin is suffering from a few breakouts, as it encourages old skin to be sloughed away; this is pretty serious skincare.

All eyes on you

A new and exciting launch is the liquid gold firming eye cream; an eye cream with acid in it! I definitely think this is going to a bit of a game changer in the industry. It’s packed full of active ingredients including peptides, diamond powder and aha acids which all work hard to treat the eyes. It’s designed to relax the lines around the eyes and also to reduce any puffiness and dark circles. The applicator is one of those refreshing metal tips, so it feels lovely to apply on tired eyes. I’ve seen that more and more brands are coming out with similar applicators; definitely one of those industry-wide trends. I know the inclusion of acid as an ingredient in an eye cream does sound a little intense, but this is really gentle. I’ve got really sensitive eyes, and this hasn’t caused any irritation or redness around the eyes.

Have you tried any new skincare lately?

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