Overnight Skin Transformers

I love sleep. It could be one of my hobbies. The only thing that makes sleep better is when as I’m doing it, my skin is looking better. I know, skincare magic. There’s some seriously impressive overnight treatments available, from ones to soothe skin, add glow and to add some freshness. For all my fellow sleep lovers, I’m sharing my top¬†Overnight Skin Transformers.

The one to soothe skin

Whenever my skin is feeling, or looking, a little irritated or red I reach for the La Roche Posay toleraine ultra nuit cream. It’s just so soothing on the skin. LRP does a lot of skincare that works really well – it’s a brand designed to have staples rather than something big with bold claims. Hard-working products to use everyday. This night cream in particular is designed for sensitive and intolerant skin, so it’s safe to use without risking any further skin irritation. The formula has been clinically proven to reduce skin’s sensitivity; it contains the brand’s signature thermal spring water to nourish. Extra points to the packaging because it has a clever pump meaning the product isn’t contaminated by the air.

The one to add some glow

If you’re looking to add glow to the skin, you need some acids in your skincare! This wake wonderful night-time facial treatment works to make skin brighter, luminous and just fresher. It packs a punch with lactic acid, glycolic acid and enzymes which all reduce dullness on the skin’s surface and encourage cell turnover. Then it has ingredients like glycogen and magnesium to help rejuvenate the skin and sodium lactate to make sure it’s not drying.¬†I’ve reintroduced this into my skincare routine a few times a week; using 2 pumps after cleansing and before moisturiser. It does tingle a little bit, you have been warned. I really like the Ren radiance range (I’ve featured more of it here).

The one for fresher skin

How could I write about overnight beauty products without mentioning the cult classic from Kiehl’s? The midnight recovery concentrate is raved about by so many people, and with good reason! I think there aren’t too many products that do guarantee instantly visible results, but this really does. It works by harmonising with your skin’s natural recovery process over night, for noticeably plumper skin by morning. It has lavender essential oil (perfect for pre-bed), primrose oil and squalane which all hydrate the skin without being heavy. I take 4-5 drops and press it into the skin, making sure to take the time to massage it into the skin.