Skincare For Thirsty Skin

Winter continues to ravage on, and my skin is suffering. The combination of the chilly outside, central heating and probably just living in a city means my skin is pretty parched. The cold weather has left my skin feeling dehydrated and definitely feeling a little thirsty. I pretty much can’t wait for for when it’s all warm and sunny, but until then I’m bringing out the big guns when it comes to skincare. Apart from the obvious steps like drinking lots of water, never sleeping in makeup and wearing SPF I’ve got my top picks of Skincare For Thirsty Skin including my favourite serums, moisturisers and masks.

The Skincare Edit

Starting off with a serum, we have the SkinDoc aqua skin double-hydrating serum. It contains two different sizes of hyaluronic acid molecules, meaning it targets the top level and the deeper levels of the epidermis. Clever stuff. I know hyaluronic acid has been a buzz word for a little while now, but products with it as the focal ingredient always capture my attention because it makes such a difference at quenching skin’s thirst. I’ve been using this in the morning for the past 4 weeks, and I’ve been noticing a difference to how smooth my skin is feeling.

It also layers beautifully under one of my favourite moisturisers, the Embryolisse lait-creme concentrate. I’ve used this stuff for years and find it acts as the perfect base underneath makeup whilst it still makes sure skin is properly hydrated. I find when my skin is feeling particularly parched, the temptation is there to reach for rich oils and creams, which don’t necessarily make the best base under long-wearing makeup. It’s even better now it’s had a cute French makeover. It looks so sweet!

Lastly we have the Glossier moon mask, which is pretty much as dreamy as it sounds. I like to wear this throughout the morning when I’m working at home, and just let it do its thing. It’s intensely nourishing and leaves skin feeling cocooned and soft. It also works well when used after something exfoliating or acidic, to make sure skin doesn’t get too sore. I’ve been using it a minimum of once a week throughout winter, and I pretty much need to stock up on a new pot soon… You can see more of my Glossier posts here.

What skincare are you loving right now?