Soft & Pretty Makeup Picks

I’m all about embracing definite makeup looks – it’s got to be all or nothing! At the moment I’m fully embracing some of my favourite Soft & Pretty Makeup Picks for an easy flattering look. With a glowing base (always) and then lots of shimmery shadow (but no glitter!) and a pretty peachy nude lip.

A new glow-giver

So I was having a big clear out of my (shamefully large) makeup stash a few weeks back, and came across a pile of unused products. I know. I’m the worst. I just don’t even know how that happened, but I promise everything is a lot tidier now… In the pile was the Erborian Glow Creme, and I don’t know it lasted this long without being used. It just seems like it was made for me – it’s hydrating, illuminating and manages to impart a lit-from-within glow to the skin. It has the colour of a pearl on the skin with a slight pink shift. It’s just gorgeous, and has immediately been added to the important category of glow-giving primers I can’t be without.

As the Erborian primer gives such a nice glowy finish, I went for a lighter base with The Ordinary serum foundation. This one is not as good as the cover foundation (review here) simply because it doesn’t last quite as nicely on the skin. It does add a light veil of colour, so it’s a good one for minimal makeup & a treat for dry skin.

Lip Service

For lipstick, I’m all about this Laura Mercier Velour Extreme Matte lipstick formula. I’m not in love with the packaging but the way it’s designed is actually so nice – it’s like a chunky lip pencil (in a similar way to the Nars pencils). The formula is almost powdery but not uncomfortable; it’s very much a modern matte. This is the shade Vibe, which is such an easy peachy nude. This year is going to see me exploring more from this brand!


Finishing everything off is my favourite eyeshadow quad ever, Tom Ford Honeymoon. I mean… it’s just so beautiful. I know Tom Ford shadows are expensive, but I think having one of the quads is an investment every beauty lover needs to make. The top two champagne shades are perfect for a quick wash all over the lid, and then the bottom pink shade smokes it up a bit. I’m just really enjoying everything soft & pink at the moment, it’s so easy and flattering. I had to model the skin and the lip wearing a beret, too…