The Ultimate Minimal Makeup

The Ultimate Minimal Makeup

There are many reasons why I love and embrace The Ultimate Minimal Makeup; its primary purpose is that it makes me look like groomed without taking too much time. Getting exactly the right mix of products just enhances the complexion and makes sure that you still look like you (with just a little bit more polish).

The secret to any sort of minimal makeup look is to make sure that you nail the base. It really is all about that base… I’d say sorting out a solid skincare routine goes hand-in-hand with embracing the minimal makeup look. Something like the Glossier priming moisturiser hydrates, smooths and preps the skin and helps to reduce any redness so you have a canvas ready to go. My favourite base that doesn’t look like a foundation is definitely Light Wonder; illuminating with light coverage it definitely isn’t one to turn for when you want a flawless look. When you want something that looks undetectable in day light and just like a light filter for improving the skin, this is the one (something more full coverage would be the magic foundation).

The secret to mastering the minimal makeup look is definitely to embrace some shimmer so everything can look as radiant as possible. Enter the beauty light wand for a creamy liquid highlighter than can be applied all over for some extra radiance. The cream texture means it really melts into the skin and means that it becomes super natural on the skin. I also love the Marc Jacobs cream shadow in volver for the easiest champagne shimmer on the lid. It’s the perfect way to add some light and colour to the eyes without looking too heavy. The cream formula takes about five seconds to swipe on, too. Shiny lids in seconds.

The finishing touch would be the Dior lip glow. I’ve been through two tubes before these, so I guess you could say we’re in a pretty committed relationship. They’ve just released a bunch of new colours, which I need to check out! I have the classic one, and I’ve recently rediscovered just how much I love it. It’s slightly minty, it’s really hydrating on the lips without being too heavy and sticky like some balms can be. I’m dubious about the PH adapting claims but the colour remains so natural whilst still giving a pretty pink flush. J’adore!


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The Ultimate Minimal Makeup