Things Bloggers Need To Remember

The internet is a funny old place, isn’t it? Full of amazing content and creators but also it can have a little nasty streak… It’s easy to be hard on yourself, and easy to pay too much attention to other bloggers so today is a little lighthearted post on Things Bloggers Need To Remember.

Perfection isn’t realistic

You don’t have to achieve perfection. Everything online is just so glossy. Perfectly curated content that looks like it’s come right out of a magazine. This is great, and inspiring but utterly unrealistic for the majority of us. Most bloggers I know are a one-man band creating content all on their own so constantly striving for perfect photos, a perfect feed and the perfect collaborations is just not happening. Blogging takes a lot of time and effort. I’m lucky right now in that I’m able to do this for my job, but I appreciate that most people aren’t in this position. Even with more time, it’s still just me doing it all and I’m trying hard this year not to beat myself up.

It’s too easy to be competitive

I’ve noticed this a lot this year. Maybe because now there’s more pressure (mostly put on by myself) to do well! Scrolling through your Instagram feed can be a little exhausting, really. You see bloggers on press trips and getting amazing PR packages and doing amazing campaigns and whilst you can be super proud… you can also feel envious. It’s human nature to compare yourself to others and wonder why this blogger was taken on a trip when you weren’t. In the blogging world, everything is so out there – everything is documented and so it’s incredibly easy to feel competitive. Comparison really is the thief of joy, so homework for this post is to work on just focusing on you.

You’re never too big to be grateful

I am grateful for my blog every single day. It’s my baby! Not that I’m in any means a ‘big blogger’ because I’m a teeny tiny fish in a big pond of bloggers but I think it’s so important to always stay humble. Someone taking the time out of their day to tweet you deserves recognition (within reason, because I get that some people get thousands of messages a day!), so people need to remember that you’re basically just typing thoughts down on a computer. Basically, having 20k Instagram followers doesn’t give you an excuse to be a dick.

Your blog is going to be best

I know I’m not the only one who invests a lot of work into Instagram (hey, come follow me here if ya want!) but ultimately my blog is my most important thing. I own it outright whereas on Instagram the content there is present an external platform. Instagram could disappear overnight (it won’t, don’t worry) and all the images would be gone. I think blogs are the best; they’re like a big lump of clay that you can perfectly mould to look exactly how you want it to. Don’t ever forget the power of owning your own content.

Don’t copy other people

You don’t need to copy other people’s work. You really don’t. Copying other blogger’s work just makes their work and your work seem less important, so nobody wins. Also, people can read so completely ripping off other ideas is just never going to be a good idea. I know that there’s the old phrase that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but… it’s not. I know for me at least, I put a lot of time and effort into coming up with new & interesting beauty content, so seeing it ripped off is always upsetting.

But, don’t think you own all the ideas

Having said that, I also don’t think bloggers can get so so annoyed by people doing similar things. I know, bear with me… I mean there are a limited number of venues to shoot content at in London. Being bloggers, we have to admit that we share a similar interest (other than talking about your life to the internet) so things that look good to you will probably look good to other people. I just don’t think it’s nice to criticise others for doing something similar. It’s hard to be original! The popular ideas are popular for a reason. I think what I’m trying to get it is that whilst it’s frustrating for there to be copy cats, you have to realise that if you put something out on the internet you can’t get too annoyed if something similar pops up. It’s so so difficult to be original in a sea of talented creators!


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I’d love to know your thoughts – what do you think are Things Bloggers Need To Remember?


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