A Few New Finds

A Few New Finds

One of the major perks of being a beauty blogger is that I get to try a fair amount of new products. Then I get to talk about them to anyone who will listen. It really is the dream! I wanted to share A Few New Finds that I’ve come across lately…

Lip Love

As a lover of matte lipsticks, I often turn to lip scrubs to make sure there’s a smooth application for any colour. The BYBI lip kit comes with a lip scrub and a plumping lip balm so it’s got you covered. It also smells amazing – the scrub has sugar, strawberry and cinnamon so it’s more than good enough to eat. The plumper has peppermint and blood orange, and it’s really hydrating. I really like the BYBI brand too, it’s all natural and vegan with the most beautiful packaging.

Marble everything

I’ve spoken about my love for the beauty blender so many times, but the only one that’s ever come close is the Real Techniques diamond sponge… Now it’s pink and purple and prettier than ever. It’s part of the new ~instagrammable~ collection which has some gorgeous new brushes. I just want all of my makeup brushes to look like they’re made for unicorns. I shared some more pictures of the collection on my instagram here too!

A few new fragrances

I love love love finding a new perfume brand to obsess over, and Floral Street is the newest one to my stash! I’ve got a mini selection of 8 fragrances; London poppy, wonderland peony, neon rose, wild vanilla orchid, iris goddess, chypre sublime, black lotus and ylang ylang espresso. Ylang ylang is incredible.

Ace of base

Base wise, I have two new finds. The Erborian BB drops are a customisable dewy base, where you can mix the drops into your moisturiser for a quick and glowing finish. On its own, it’s a lightweight finish that is reserved for good skin days or low maintenance makeup. Used as a base, it helps to blur imperfections and even the skin tone – it’s all about a ‘baby skin’ effect, which Erborian is just really good at (more on that here).


Then we have the stunning Guerlain meteorites. They are just a vision! They’re almost too beautiful. Pastel little balls of powder that brighten the skin and add luminosity? I’m in. You just swirl your brush around and then the powder is one of those skin-diffusing products, where everything is a little bit brighter and blurred. Not matte. I do have a little bit of a thing for Guerlain makeup because the brand just makes such gorgeous and luxe products. I’ve loved pretty much everything I’ve tried! These ones are from World Duty Free, and they’ve taken pride of place in my makeup application.