A Serum For Every Concern

If there’s a skincare topic I love talking about, it’s serums. Magical little bottles that applied pre-moisturiser make all of the difference for your complexion. If you haven’t fallen in love with a serum yet then I’m willing to bet it’s because you haven’t found the one yet. It’s all about targeting the specific skin concern you’re looking to improve and then finding the serum destined to be your saviour. From heavenly hydrators to glow-givers and then a few for protecting against pollution and dullness too, I’ve got A Serum For Every Concern.

Serums for serious glow

I am always here for the glow. Always. For a skincare solution that offers a serious glow, I have two recommendations. Firstly, the Lumene glow boost essence (which I spoke about here) which is just lovely. It’s so fresh on the skin and makes such a noticeable difference to the appearance of skin. It adds glow by increasing hydration slightly & increasing the luminosity so much. If you want a slightly more impactful glow, the Hylamide glow radiance booster is the one for you. It’s essentially a gradual self-tanner that doesn’t look too orange if you use it a few times a week. I am not here for an overtly orange face, no ma’am.

Helping with hydration

I pretty much look for hydration on the majority of my skincare because I am dry. Works well for my humour but not so much for my face. The super bounce from Glossier is really nice for quickly quenching skin’s thirst and the hyaluronic acid-heavy formula is not too sticky. It disappears almost immediately on my skin and almost instantaneously helps to leave skin a little softer. It’s not one to dramatically transform the skin overtime but it does soothe on a daily basis. Basically, this is going to be perfect for dehydrated skin. Newer is the Pai back to life hydration serum, which is a souped up version of the Glossier. The texture on it doesn’t sink in right away so I’d say this one perfect for dry skin in need of a boost. I’m a huge fan of Pai skincare and whilst this is so new to my stash that I can’t comment on its long-term loveliness, I have high hopes.

A serum brand

Given that this entire post is dedicated to all things serums, I had to mention a new brand on my radar. Dr Roebuck’s has a big range of serums for basically every skin concern. I’ve been adding the ultimate hydrating serum into my daily routine and it’s a lovely pick for thirsty skin. It’s on the stickier side of things so I’ve found that it works best with a thicker moisturiser for increasing overall hydration. There’s also the boost & tighten serum and the protect & prevent serum, so they really have got all bases covered.

Protecting the skin

Hands up who lives in a city and pretty much has pollution attacking their skin everyday? Yup, me too. If you spend all day in the smog, the best thing you can do for your face is to add an antioxidant serum into the mix. Probably the easiest way to do this is with a vitamin C based product; Medik8 makes one of the best I’ve tried for this. It smells like citrus, applies perfectly in the am and does a great job at leaving skin feeling great.

One of my favourite brands, Jurlique, has the Herbal Recovery serum which is penned as a youth defence concentrate. It has 18 different botanical extracts combined to protect the skin – its main aims are to restore radiance. It’s really light in texture, so I think this would be such a gorgeous pick for if your skin is oilier and you’re still looking to maximise skin’s overall health without loading it with product.


Let me know your serum picks!