A Speedy Morning Skincare Routine

As much as I love elaborate skincare routines, on a daily basis I tend to want my skincare to be as effective as possible and also to be as quick as possible. I mentioned my streamlined skincare routine in more detail here, and right now I am all about A Speedy Morning Skincare Routine.

A good cleanse

Starting things off with the Glossier milky jelly cleanser, which I mentioned more in this post. It’s pretty much the perfect morning cleanse because it’s so light and easily rinsed off. It leaves skin feeling clean and smooth, without being stripped. I do think this is hyped (because everything glossier does is hyped) because it’s a no-thrills cleanser, really. It’s effective and easy to use, but not particularly sexy. It does the job at cleaning and softening the skin! My bottle lives in the shower, so it’s easy to grab in the morning when I’m half asleep.

Not to be mist

After the shower, when I’m in my towel and drinking a cup of tea, I do the next steps. The Bybi mega mist is new to my routine, but ok it’s quickly become a speedy morning favourite. It’s packed full of hyaluronic acid, which is just perfect for keeping skin plump and hydrated. Ingredients wise, it also has rose, orange blossom and lemon water to refresh the skin. It’s so quick to use, and makes such a difference to how skin feels. Spray toners really are the best for a rushed routine.

Give some glow

The Lumene glow boost essence is definitely one of my top serums I’ve ever tried – it’s so good. It’s lovely and brightening, so I find it perfect for my morning skincare routine. The pipette means that you can easily apply the serum to the skin and then quickly massage it in. It’s packed full of vitamin C, so this would definitely be a great pick for lacklustre skin. It’s basically radiance in a bottle. I mentioned this serum more in this post, too!

Lots of hydration

For moisturisers, I’m using two old favourites right now… the Kiehl’s avocado creamy eye treatment and the Embryolisse lait creme concentre. The Kiehl’s is the nicest eye cream for just hydrating and soothing the skin – I find my concealer can look a little dry and cakey unless I use this! Then the Embryolisse is lovely and hydrating on the skin, as well as it making a great base to be used under makeup. I’ve used both of these products for a good couple of years, and can’t fault them! I’m also in between SPFs (don’t hate me!), so I need to replace it asap…


What’s your morning skincare routine looking like?