City Break Beauty Essentials

Packing for a trip away both excites me (prospect of organising) and horrifies me (having to edit things down)… city breaks always require a little bit of pre-planning. Being a beauty aficionado, picking products that make the cut has become a bit of a fine art, and so I’m sharing a few City Break Beauty Essentials.

Think small

Going on a mini-break is the perfect opportunity to break out the miniature products… I know, miniatures are the most adorable thing ever. I’m obviously a beauty hoarder because I have a whole host of samples that I save for nights away and trips. I have a baby glow tonic, for chemical exfoliation on-the-goTM¬†and I’ve recently fallen in love with the Clarins Hydra-Essentiel cream. It smells absolutely amazing.

I stockpile on samples from gifts with purchase at beauty counters, in online orders from Space NK/Cult Beauty and then sometimes I’m sent them, too. Feel Unique has a great Pick ‘n’ Mix selection on their site when you can pick 5 samples a month and just pay delivery. I’m a big fan of picking the sachet samples because they have enough product for 2 uses and they’re so teeny tiny for your hand luggage.

Go for multi-purpose

Ok, so space is an issue when travelling with hand-luggage only. I tend to pack in advance so I can really plan out what I need and resist taking 43 identical lipsticks. I know, it’s hard to refrain my beauty-loving self. Something like the BYBI babe balm can be used for lip balm, cuticles, moisturiser and pretty much anything else you can think of. Conditioner can be used as shaving cream; pick a cleanser that can be used both morning and night; bronzer can be used on the cheeks and lids; pick multi-purpose products to maximise your space.

Embrace the minimalistic look

I love piling on all the makeup, but when I go away I try to keep things a bit lighter. I’d rather be out and exploring than spending ages fussing with hair and makeup and also I don’t want to pack everything (more tips here). On this trip, I stripped back and managed to fit everything into one teeny tiny glossier pouch. For a few days, it’s so easy to just take the bare essentials.


A break in Copenhagen

So, the reason behind the need for the City Break Beauty Essentials was a little trip to Copenhagen last week. My mum and I went to explore for a few days, and to see the sights/eat the food. It’s a lovely city, and it’s pretty easy to walk around all of because it’s fairly small. It’s also pretty chilly & (importantly) the city loves hot dogs.

Highlights from the trip would be seeing Roseborg castle, which was so pint-sized for a castle and really cute. I’m always interested in 17th century history, so this was really fun. There’s also¬†Nyhavn, possibly the most Instagram-friendly spot with a rainbow of pretty houses. It’s also where Hans Christian Anderson lived! Speaking of, the little mermaid statue is a bit of a trek away but it’s so lovely to see.

If you want to see more of the food and snaps, I added everything to my story highlights on Instagram!