February In Review

After the slow and drawn-out month of January, February was a speedy little mover… I sort of blinked and then the whole month was over. Not that this was a bad thing after the long January… I would say that I’m ready for spring but at the time of writing this, there is a blizzard swirling around outside and I’m wrapped in a blanket so maybe not yet! I’m still really excited for all things spring to come – there’s going to be peonies, blossom, sunglasses and lighter evenings; spring is so sweet after a cold winter.

February has been my best blogging month so far, in terms of it being my income now. Hurrah for that! I’m hoping that March will be even better, because I’ve gotta aim high. People never tend to talk about making money from blogging but I’m really proud of myself so… It’s been through networking and lots and lots of emails and has not by any means been easy. March is going to see me have some bigger freelance pieces alongside, which I’m really excited about! I’ve also been working on lots more content with some brands I adore, such as Joanie, and creating some imagery for fun has been… fun! This librarian jumper initially had me envisioning posing with a book and wearing my glasses but that’s just not me. I can’t take myself too seriously! Instead, I posed sheepishly in front of a pink wall which is much more my gig.

I think I’ve settled into the swing of things a bit more now, and am getting more excited about just doing what I love – taking pretty pictures and raving about lipsticks. I’ve been careful with money which roughly translates to not buying makeup but I’ve been going back to thinking of more interesting (hopefully!) beauty posts.

So, what did I get up to in February? Luckily for me I take photos of everything (hello, am a blogger) so scrolling through my phone is like a little diary. We went to Sketch for afternoon tea, which is just a pink-lover’s dream come true. So pretty. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re an afternoon tea fan, like me. They also have the coolest bathrooms ever! I went to a fair few events last month, which is always fun. It was also my Dad’s 60th birthday, so we had a weekend away in windy Whitstable to celebrate.

We ate a lot of pancakes, obviously. The best bit of every February! We also went to Coppa Club for a rainy Valentine’s Day dinner, which was supremely cold but very cute. We also had one weekend of glorious warm weather, and we explored Holland Park and went outside without coats! That did not last long. Alas, I don’t think I’ll ever be warm again. OK, so I managed to fit a lot into one little month.

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Now it’s your turn – talk to me, tell me how your February was and what you’re looking forward to in March!