Finding A Work-Life Balance

Finding A Work/Life Balance

Full disclosure – I started writing this post at 8am on a Sunday so maybe my work life balance isn’t there quite yet… Now that I blog ~full time~ I’ve been making a big effort to try and achieve a better balance between working and relaxing. I used to leave my house at 8, get home at 7 and then blog all evening and weekend so I 100% understand the struggle of juggling a blog and a career. I get that everyone is super hectic all the time, so I’m sharing some of my attempts atĀ Finding A Work-Life Balance.

Remember there’s only so much you can do in a day

I would love to write 10 posts in a day, answer all my emails right away and take enough Instagram photos to last me the month… but it’s just not realistic. It’s just me working on my own, so I can only do so much. That’s OK! One of the biggest learning curves from when I used to be a manager and now to being in charge of my own time is that there are a set amount of hours in the day. You can do as much as you can within the hours, but then know that that’s enough. Working all day and all night everyday is just not realistic.

Give yourself a break

This is the hardest thing because trying to achieve perfection is something a lot of people struggle with. I know I get annoyed if things aren’t what I envision them to be – but at some point I have to tell myself to stop being such a dick and stop obsessing over everything. No one cares as much as I do if my Instagram filter is a smidgen too pink. Nope. If I forget to pin my latest blog posts, the world doesn’t stop turning. In every single job, don’t beat yourself if you can’t achieve perfection every single day because it’s impossible! Give yourself a break and remember to think about the bigger picture – don’t stress.

Don’t let emails be the boss of you

In my 9-6 old job, as soon as I was out of the office, I wasn’t checking my emails. In France they’ve banned checking emails post-work and I can 100% get behind this. I know people seem to check work emails a lot when they’re not in work but things are definitely not so important that they require a response pre 9am or post 7pm. Inside work, deal with emails. Outside of work, you’re not paid to stress about them and they can always wait until tomorrow. Same goes for the weekend – it’s your precious time to enjoy.

People also talk a lot about exciting emails and tackling inboxes (I’m guilty of this too) but I think not getting bogged down by your emails is key. I’ve been trying a new thing where I check/send emails first thing and then respond to more at about 3pm. Otherwise my whole day gets swallowed up with responding and, realistically, things are never that time sensitive.

Basically, find a way of dealing with emails that doesn’t take over your whole day and then just get on with it. I star emails that require a response and then un-star them when I’ve emailed back. Easy!

You don’t have to be ‘busy’ all the time

Feeling busy is just apparently the current state of affairs with everyone (myself included). There’s just so much with life that it’s frequently overwhelming but you don’t have to be busy for the sake of it. It seems to be all tangled up with wanting to appear successful and like you’re a ~girl boss~ every second of every day. Side note, if I ever call myself a girl boss, you have my permission to give me a stern talking to.

There’s a big difference between being busy working & smart working. If you have a to-do list and you manage to tick a good chunk off, then you’ve worked your way through it. It’s manageable, and if you’re not feeling frantically busy it doesn’t mean you’re not working hard enough! Going at your own pace is the way to go.

Self care can be whatever you want it to be

When you’re not working, it’s so important to make sure you carve out some time for yourself. It could be ten minutes when having a cup of tea or having a whole pamper evening. I know I have no stress compared to people looking after small children or juggling multiple jobs, so I’m not trying to say that taking time for yourself is easy. Making sure you unwind after work wherever possible is what’s important to make sure you don’t end up feeling frazzled and burning out. For me, the dream is Netflix and ignoring my phone.


Do you have any tips forĀ Finding A Work-Life Balance?

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