Indie Skincare Brands You Need To Try

I love beauty. I love finding new brands, and exploring new products. I’ve come across some really interesting niche and natural brands in the last couple of months that have left me obsessed. The shift towards organic and less-harmful skincare is definitely becoming a bigger & bigger trend, and there are so many amazing brands out there waiting to be discovered. I’ve got a few┬áIndie Skincare Brands You Need To Try…


Votary is the brainchild of Arabella Preston, a makeup artist in the UK. It’s definitely a brand on the more luxurious side of the spectrum, and the products immediately feel luxurious. Everything is made in small batches in the UK, using recyclable packaging and sustainable ingredients.

One of the most exciting elements of smaller brands is how the ingredients tend to be more innovative; the formulas are far more interesting. For Votary, for example, they avoid any potentially nasty filler ingredients (mineral oils, chemicals and preservatives) which means every drop is full of pure and skin-loving actives.

I love a good cleansing oil. I feel so evangelical and like a skin goddess whenever I use one, because it means I have to properly massage my face and pay my skin lots of attention. This one from Votary is particularly divine because the texture feels so lovely and rich without being too greasy or leaving your skin feel a bit too slippery. Taking the time to massage in 3/4 pumps is such a skin treat at the end of a long day, I love it.


Evolve has the minimalistic apothecary-esque packaging down. It all looks so effortlessly chic, and the little bottles and jars just look so gorgeous. The brand has its name because the founder thinks that it’s time for beauty to evolve and that natural ingredients are becoming what every beauty-consumer is going to be looking for. I really like that the products are individually labelled with who has packaged them – like Lush face masks – which makes the products seem fresher and helps you to connect with the brand on a personal level.

I’ve tried the tropical blossom body polish, which is well worth checking out if you’re a fan of scrubby scrubs. The liquid crystal cleanser is also really interesting because I’ve not seen a lot of natural and micellar waters.


Skin & Tonic

I am absolutely obsessed with how this brand looks. Its aesthetic is just so perfect, and it it manages to feel so fresh & fun without being too ~out there~. It’s just undeniably cool. Their whole brand is built on the ethos of products not needing more than seven ingredients to be effective. The brand was built after the owner couldn’t find products that were natural, synthetic-free and didn’t have ridiculous claims.

The entire line is pretty comprehensive, without being too overwhelming. They have cleansers, toners, scrubs, masks and oils – pretty much everything that interest me in skincare. I have the (fun to photograph) coco mask which is a powder designed to be mixed into a paste with water, honey or yoghurt. It’s really gentle when it comes to leaving skin feeling clarified and not drying in the slightest. It has five ingredients – it’s so refreshing to see skincare with such a short ing list. I also have the rose mist, which I was obviously going to love. Then the naked beauty oil, which I have added into my daily routine, which is a must-have for sensitive skin in need of some hydration! It contains rosehip, apricot kernel, pumpkin seed oils and vitamin E.

Majo Medicine

The newest brand on my beauty radar, Majo Medicine was founded in 2016 and all of the products look like little magic potions. What sets this brand apart is that they have a big focus on ageing well rather than ‘anti-ageing’ which is just so refreshing & definitely needed.

I’ve got the face food age well cream, which has such a luxurious texture to it. It’s not one for oily or combination skin as it pretty rich and contains cocoa butter which is pretty heavy. It has frankincense, lavender and ylang ylang which makes it smell really relaxing, making it a great pick for a nighttime cream.


Inika is exciting because it’s all about the makeup! Based in Australia, the brand is 12 years old and was founded due to a lack of natural-based beauty. We’ve talked all about the various skincare brands, but Inika is the best indie & natural makeup offering I’ve come across. The products don’t differ in quality from ones filled with chemicals. If you’re looking for an organic & vegan line then this is definitely worth checking out.

I’ve tried the lipsticks, obviously, and am really impressed with them. Naked Kiss is your standard nice neutral shade that would suit a lot of people, and it comes with a creamy & comfortable formula. It’s not the longest-lasting texture in the world, but it’s not too slippery either. It’s also certified vegan! The loose mineral shadows are a souped up version of the Barry M shimmer pots we all used to love when we were 15.


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