Glossier Lid Star

It’s a given that a new launch from Glossier will automatically pique my interest. Yup, I’m addicted to the brand and I definitely pay attention to their new launches. The latest, the Glossier Lid Star, seemed especially beautiful as it promised to be a glistening eye glow that would solve all my problems. Given that the product had also received its debut by gracing Beyonce’s lids, these shadows did not come to play.

The shades

There are six shades of Lid Star so far in the line, all obviously remaining in the neutral spectrum. This is Glossier, land of the no makeup makeup look. There’s Herb, an olive shade with gold shimmer which would look lovely on brown eyes; Fawn, a cool-toned taupe with a little bit of purple in it; Cub, a rose gold that leans warm and lovely; Slip, a baby pink with some gold in it; Moon, a sheer cream base with some opalescence; Lily, a lilac basis with some pink and purple tones.

I went for Cub (obviously) and then Moon as part of the duo.

The formula

These are whispers of cream shadow… these are not Stila-level of intense pigmentation, but definitely a soft lid look. The formula is really creamy and soft, and the colour glides on beautifully. What is worth noting is that they are so sheer. I know Glossier was never going to have anything dramatic, but I think I’ve been spoilt by some more pigmented shadows.

Upon first application, the shadow does look much more pigmented and has more impact. It dries down a lot and becomes sheerer so it’s definitely not one for a dramatic lid. If you’re looking to have a low-maintenance lid for minimal makeup or to complement a bold lip, then I think one of these would be good.

Cub remains a nice wash of bronze but Moon is so sheer that it’s pretty much impossible to see on the lid. I had to layer it a lot to get a swatch of the shade. I think Slip would have been a better choice, oops…

I have found that these don’t crease, at all. The formula is also incredibly long-wearing on the lids – I’ve been testing since they launched without primer and only have good things to say about the longevity.


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