New In Beauty

Out with the old, and in with the new. Or, keep the old but still add in lots of new makeup. That’s definitely how the saying goes. Trying new makeup and reporting back is very important. I’m sharing some of the newer launches and products that have dropped onto my proverbial desk within the last week or so.

Filtered AF

A new Tilbury launch instantly grabs the attention of any beauty lover out there, and the flawless filter was no different. This is described as a complexion booster that works for the skin as a primer, highlighter and acts as a filter for the face; skin is illuminated, diffused and left with a soft-focus glow.

It can be used under foundation as a primer, mixed in for extra glow or added on top as a highlighter on top. Coming in six different shades (I’m shade two), it is a slightly confusing hybrid between primer and base. A little from column a and a little from column b. I think it works beautifully as a primer all over the complexion for a daytime (& camera friendly) finish, or as a very subtle highlight. It’s not as megawatt as some of Tilb’s other products, but it’s a pretty skin-perfector. I’m not absolutely obsessed right away, as I’ve tried other primers (becca, laura mercier) that give my skin more of the finish I’m after.

Show me the sheen

Chantecaille sadly remains in the occasional treat category as it is so damn expensive. It’s also such a lovely brand, with the products being consistently lovely. This shadow in particular is not one I’ve seen spoken about a lot, but the formula and shade is impeccable. It’s rose gold iridescent and it looks gloriously expensive on the lids. So soft and sheeny and just a joy to use. I am enjoying it immensely.

Another soft and sheeny product is the dandelion shy beam from Benefit, via World Duty Free. This is a cream liquid highlighter for those who aren’t looking for a super stellar sparkle. No shimmer here. It’s much more about radiance and looking naturally enhanced than adding glimmer to the face. It’s very pink-toned, and easy to dab onto the tops of cheeks for an instantly brighter-looking complexion.

Read my lips

Lipstick wise, there can never be only one. You’re talking to a true lipstick connoisseur here, after all. There’s the new lipstick crayons from Marc Jacobs – the liquid lip crayon. It has the finish and feel of a liquid lipstick but applies like a creamy crayon. Clever stuff. It’s definitely richly pigmented upon first swipe, so it’s going to be one for bold lip lovers. It also contains something called ~ghost pearl~ which helps to lift it and add a multi-dimensional sheen without looking glossy. Modern sheen.

I think the formula is very nice, and definitely an interesting innovation in terms of textures. It’s not perfectly crayon-like or liquid lipstick-like either, so it’s sort of its own category all on its own. Lovers of bold lips will like and lovers of long-wear products will love also.

There’s also a new collection of pink shades from Lipstick Queen, one of my very favourite brands. The four-piece edit is called Dating Game, and all four shades are pretty pops of pink. I have Mr Right, which reminds me a little of impassioned from Mac but a little less intense. It’s warm and bright and making me crave sunshine! The formula is super comfortable and it has a little bit of slip to it.



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