New Noteworthy Lipsticks

New Noteworthy Lipsticks

Is there anything better than a new lipstick? Yup, it’s three new lipsticks. Even better when they’re all gorgeous nude shades that are just crying out to be added to your makeup bag right away. In case you need a new lipstick too, I’m sharing three┬áNew Noteworthy Lipsticks from Kat Von D, YSL & Sisley…

Kat Von D x Divine

It has green packaging! It’s a nude! It’s inspired by a drag queen! This was an instant yes for me. This shade has been described by Kat as the ‘perfect honeyed nude’ and I have to agree. It reminds me a little of honeylove from mac, in that it’s the sort of 60s inspired nude that dials down the lips without looking too concealer-esque. It has enough peach in it to keep everything looking warm and lively.

The formula on this is also pretty divine; creamy and pigmented. It does have a strong vanilla cupcake sort of scent. It’s part of the new studded kiss creme lipstick line-up, which is as comfortable as they come.

A little on the late Divine… she’s an absolute icon. Her makeup inspired Ursula, the OG sea witch. I know. Villains always have the best makeup. The palette in this collaboration is all greens and blues and definitely has sea witch vibes, as well as it being more out there and vibrant. Divine was definitely way ahead of her time with her stage persona (doing glamorous drag in the 60s amidst a sea of critique), and remains an LGBT icon today. She was in several John Waters films (fantastically weird), and just… she’s such a part of drag culture.

YSL Coral Remix

It’s a stronger woman than I who can turn down a new YSL lipstick. So shiny and so gold! An expensive lip treat. I bought this after a meeting in Leeds, because I can pretty much turn any situation into an opportunity to treat myself. It’s a fine art, but I reckon I could twist any event into a lipstick-buying mission. This time, I went for YSL Coral Remix, which just spoke to me as a nice & soft coral lip for a spring fling.

It’s a ~dirty~ peach with enough brown in it to make sure the whole thing doesn’t look too pastel. All of the shades accidentally look very similar when compared to each other, which wasn’t deliberate before I started putting this post together. They all have slightly different tones and finishes to them, I promise.

The formula is from the matte line, but it’s not really something I would consider a true matte. It has far more slip and isn’t the most long-wearing on the lips. It lasted around 3 hours on me. If you want a really comfortable everyday lipstick that isn’t too shiny then I imagine this formula would be perfect for you.

Sisley Phyto-Lip in Ballet

This lipstick is my first foray into the world of Sisley, and I have been impressed thus far. It’s definitely a luxury brand that’s known for their skincare with the price point being up there. All of their makeup errs on the side of sophistication with a muted colour palette and lots of enhancing rather than masking products. This lipstick is a little bit of a wild card though, thanks to the zebra packaging!

The application is really easy thanks to the shape of the applicator. It’s the same sort of structure as the clinique chubby sticks in the ease of application, in that you can just twist it up to sharpen and then scribble all over the lips without much effort. I love low maintenance lip products for application on-the-go.

What sets it apart from similar shaped crayons is that it has a matte formula. I am always here for a matte lipstick, so this is a welcome addition in my makeup bag. The formula is soft & non-drying on the lips, so it has a little slip that means it doesn’t drag across the lips. The colour is a mid-toned peachy nude that I imagine would suit a wide range of skin tones as it’s not too pale/deep/warm/cool. Perfect for spring!