Prepping Skin For Spring

Prepping Skin For Spring

I’m ignoring the snow and instead focusing on the fact that it’s definitely going to be a little bit warmer soon. Positive thoughts people! In a bid to encourage the weather to understand that I’m ready for things to warm up, I’m switching up my routine and¬†Prepping Skin For Spring; making sure skin is looking fresh.

Starting off in the shower are two essentials for soft and supple skin. I am the biggest convert to shower oils (see more on my thoughts here) as they are a perfect alternative to some drying shower gels. L’occitane is one of my favourite brands for dreamy, indulgent beauty treats, too. Their almond shower oil is a bit of a cult favourite, and the formula needs to be tried to be believed. It’s also great for when you want to shave your legs as well, which I guess we have to start doing soon… For a good scrub, I like the Soap & Glory scrub of your life; it just smells so undeniably girly and soft! It’s scrubby without being too abrasive on the skin, and definitely leaves skin feeling softer and a lot smoother.

The prospect of baring my legs once the weather gets warmer is both exciting and terrifying… I am ghostly. Possibly translucent. I’m definitely not into fake tan because it seems like a lot of effort and there’s no point denying that I’m pale at this point. For some easy prep, the This Works perfect legs skin miracle adds a really subtle glow. A noticeable improvement, but definitely something manageable and not too intimidatingly bronzed. Plus, it doesn’t smell like biscuits which is always a huge plus for products that add some warmth. This is going to be essential pre-blog photo prep for making my legs look less like paper…

For an all over moisturiser, my favourite for a while has been the Glossier body hero cream. I know, I’m definitely a Glossier fan girl! I love this body moisturiser so much though. Eeek! It smells delicious and like fancy florals; the tuberose is softly comforting and a little bit addictive. I also find this really good for dry areas of skin (my arms are always dry) because it’s so richly hydrating. Most importantly though is that the formula isn’t sticky or heavy on the skin. My bottle is also empty now, so time for a repurchase.