Time-Saving Tips For Bloggers

There aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done – there really aren’t. When I was juggling a job and blogging, I dreamt of having so much more time on my hands but even now there’s still not enough of it! I’m sharing a few of my┬áTime-Saving Tips For Bloggers to make sure juggling the whole internet space more manageable.

Have a system that works for you

My blogging routine is pretty sorted at this point – I definitely have a set of steps that I always follow. Ideas are planned out, photos are taken, posts are written and then edited. It’s a lengthy process, but I can batch do it and it works for me. I have a blogging template that I follow, too, so I can easily put the topic I’m writing into a publishable format. I’ve got it set up on WordPress so it saves time on fiddling with the editing when I’ve finished. My biggest tip would be figuring out when you work best as well, to make sure you’re maximising your own productivity. I work best first thing in the morning, so I tend to write and tackle bigger tasks then.

Time yourself

If I’m not focusing, I’ll time myself when it comes to getting a post written. I feel like my brain responds well to the self-imposed pressure. Putting your browser into full-screen mode and giving yourself a solid hour to just write write write is when I’m at my most productive! I can get distracted with checking twitter and Instagram, so forcing myself to finish writing a post makes sure I finish on time.

Keep an editorial calendar

Keeping a calendar of content ideas is the biggest game changer if you’re struggling to maintain momentum. I have a big google doc with all my daily posts planned out a month in advance, so I can scan and check easily. Sometimes inspiration strikes and I come up with multiple post ideas in one go, and other days I’m not so… productive. I also have a column where I note down any ideas that I have so I can turn back to them whenever I am lacking in inspiration.

Do things in bulk

Wherever you can, try and do things in batches. It makes things so much easier. Scheduling tweets is not the most exciting thing but if you’re going to do it, you might as well schedule in a good couple of days. I pretty much do most things in bulk. Taking photos is far easier when I’m in a creative mood; I tend to take a week’s worth of content in one go.

Work through a list

I honestly don’t know how I’d get things done if I didn’t list it out! When I don’t work through one, things take me at least twice the time because I get distracted; it’s the worst use of my time. Having a list makes every blogging task seem a lot more manageable, and ticking things off is the most satisfying thing ever, right?


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