My Tools For Blogging

Blogging is my thing. Having daily blogged for years, and now running my blog as my main focus has led to me picking up a few tips and tricks along the way. Blogging can be a little overwhelming in terms of what you do and do not need! In the interest of sharing my process, I’m chatting through My Tools For Blogging and how I use them all. From the cameras I use to how I stay on top of my to-do list, it’s everything I use on a daily basis.

Cameras and Equipment

You don’t need to start out with a fancy camera, an iPhone or any phone camera works well. I take photos using my iPhone (snazzy new case from Skinnydip) so don’t feel as though you need to upgrade to a fancy DSLR because it’s a big investment! I mentioned it a little bit more here in this post. Most of the time though I do use a camera and I switch between an olympus pen and a canon 600d. The pen is a blogger favourite because it’s so so easy – compact and very user friendly! A 45mm lens is perfect for a nice background blur. I have been using this a lot since I got it, because it’s so slick. I do also have a bigger canon which I need to not neglect… the camera quality is a little sharper, so when I’m having a big photo session it’s better to use. In terms of equipment, essential blogging tools I’d recommend would include a big memory card (or two), spare battery packs, remote controls for portrait shots and then some artificial lighting to combat dark photos.

Tech & Software

I’d say that most people have a laptop or a computer already – I use an iMac to do all my writing and photo editing. I’m a massive apple fan girl, so I have my phone and my computer all synched together.

One of the best elements of photography is the scope of editing afterwards. I mentioned it a lot more in this post on editing my photos here, but my must-haves are Lightroom and Photoshop. I’ve got mine on a monthly adobe subscription, and now I’ve tried the software compared to things like Picmonkey I’m so addicted. You can just do so much with a photo using Lightroom, it’s magic.


There are so many apps that are out there to make everyday life that little bit speedier – I use loads and loads of them. Planning wise I’ve also recently started using Trello, which is just amazing. You can customise the different columns really easily, and pretty much build it up the way that you like it. I’ve got a tab for posts in progress, social scheduling, published posts… it’s an organisational dream.

My most used apps are…

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Buffer – scheduling tweets easily
  • Notes – jotting down any ideas
  • UNUM – for planning Instagram
  • Afterlight – speedy editing of photos
  • Canva – for fancy Instagram story pictures
  • ShopStyle – for affliate links on the go
  • Rebrandly – I use custom links across social to link to my blog
  • Trello – how I’m organising my calendar and to-do lists