A Beauty Spring Clean

Spring is all about making time to welcome the new… flowers are blooming, birds are chirping and it’s a new beginning. Before all of the new, we must first clean all of the old. Spring cleaning my flat? Nah, that’s not exciting. A Beauty Spring Clean though? I can get behind that…

Out with the old to make room for the new 

Switch things up

Now is the time to dig out the lighter formulas and fresher skincare. Maybe push back the heavier foundations and switch in some tinted moisturisers and lots of SPF. Any makeup switches you might want to do… now is the time to do them! I like to look through any makeup and skincare and add neglected products back into the mix to make sure they get used as much as possible.

In terms of adding new things to the mix, maybe grab a new bottle of SPF (it does go off fairly quickly!) to make sure skin is protected; add in some brighter pops of colours; add in a new exfoliator and maybe switch to a smudge-proof mascara.

Have a big clear out

This is one of those tasks where it sounds like a good idea at the time… An hour in and I always regret it. Tidying and sorting just takes so much time! Taking the time to go through your stash and work out what you really want to keep is very Marie Kondo, and very good for the soul! Check the expiration dates on products and chuck anything you’ve held onto for too long…

Any lightly used products can definitely be given to friends and family (I have just done this and separated everything into neat little bundles for various people!). Giving unused products to a good home is the best way to make more space.

For anything unopened you might not have gotten round to using yet, there’s Beauty Banks. It’s like a food bank for those in need, with toiletries and beauty essentials. If you’re a blogger reading this, I’m sure you have some unopened products lying around! All the details for what they’re accepting and where to donate products can be found here.

Time for a deep clean

Cleaning is another one of those things I never want to do before I do it, but then once it’s done it makes me feel so much happier. My dressing table has glass on it, so it gets wiped a lot (no time for foundation finger prints!) but a spring clean is the perfect time to give everything a really thorough clean.

Also in need of a spring clean are makeup brushes! One of the worst chores for any beauty-lover, but things are looking a lot brighter with the stylPro. It’s essentially a super sonic way of cleaning your brushes; it does each brush in under a minute and they’re dry right away. I know, it’s magic. A little bit fiddly, but a gadget worth getting to grips with because it’s drastically sped up the whole brush process.