A Super Fast & Super Glowing Base

I don't ask for much from my makeup, I just want it to make me look as amazing as possible in no time at all. I have this thing where I end up spending too much time blogging (or online shopping...) before I have to dash out of the door, meaning I frequently end up going for a super fast & super glowing base. Glowing skin is my thing. Four super-speedy steps/products to make your base look lit with minimum effort required.

A Super Fast & Super Glowing Base

 Step one

Apply the hollywood flawless filter all over the face using the wand and then blend in with fingers. Stop to admire its magnificent glow, and turn your head so you can see it as it catches the light in different angles. Marvel at its ability to transform skin that looks a little... average into something far more luscious. This is a product that can be layered up, so go for more if you want to really ramp up the glow. The texture is also non-greasy, so it can easily be applied all over the entire face to achieve maximum filtered skin.


Step two

Next, take the ludicrously expensive just skin tinted moisturiser and apply all over. I am shade vanilla. This stuff is glorious, and I do love it because it does leave the skin looking so illuminated but still very much like skin. There's no caking or masking, but just enhancing of the skin. It means you don't have to worry about frantically blending the base for ten minutes to achieve an even amount of coverage. Think about how the term 'tinted moisturiser' can often be code for 'no coverage' and feel happy that whilst this base is hydrating it has enough coverage to make skin look a lot more polished. I apply it with a damp beauty blender, as I do pretty much everything. A beauty blender is a must have for when in a rush because it makes any application so speedy and so easy. Also note that it's fabulous for when skin is in need of a boost in terms of hydration or glow because it makes the whole thing look a lot healthier. How do you apply your base?

Step three

Inspect skin and work out which areas (if any) might need some more coverage. This for me would always be under the eyes. A fantastic combination of not enough sleep and a caffeine-addiction means I need a stellar concealer to add some much-needed luminance. Apply a good few swipes of the urban decay all nighter concealer and then blend in using the aforementioned beauty blender. A damp blender is an absolute must for making concealer look as seamless as possible and to ensure there aren't any creases.


Step four

Once skin is looking a lot more polished, and almost ready, it's time for a liberal dusting of highlighter. I don't think I'll ever get tired of highlighting because it adds such light to the skin. Know that you don't have to apply so much powder that you might blind people, if you don't want to. The beauty of a highlighting powder is you can dust it on lightly or apply it far more intensely (Instagram style). I like to think I sit somewhere in the middle, and I dust powder on using a fan brush to give a soft and diffused finish. Apply highlighter wherever you want some light... I go for the tops of the cheeks, under the brow bone and sometimes just above my lip. It finishes things off nicely, and means your base is done!


A Super Fast & Super Glowing Base

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