Blooming Lovely Blushes

Spring has sprung. In theory. Time to grab your sunglasses, ditch the tights and start daydreaming about evenings spent in a beer garden. To encourage the sun to keep on shining, I’m switching up my makeup and embracing some brighter blushes. Blooming Lovely Blushes to be precise…

A rose by any other name…

If it looks like a rose… then it’s this beautiful Milani blusher. A possible contender for the best-looking blush of all time. It looks like a rose, and comes in a whole host of beautiful colours with shades suitable for all skin tones. Often trending on Pinterest, it’s easy to see why because it’s such a gorgeous blusher (and a pretty great price, too). Finish-wise, it stays like satin on the skin without being too matte or too sparkly. The formula is pigmented, soft and blendable; it easily rivals some high-end formulas I have tried.

This shade in particular is called Love Potion, and it’s a serious stunner. It’s bright, and it’s definitely not one for the faint of heart when it comes to a swirl of colour. Swept on sparingly, it brightens up the complexion beautifully and adds a healthy dimension to the face. Blooming lovely.

Painting by numbers

If you’re after a more subtle swoosh of colour, the Glossier cloud paints are the way to go. Still perky and brightening but without looking too flushed. They are liquid cheek colours that are as foolproof as they come. You just simply dab on the tiniest amount and then quickly blend them in with your fingers. I can envision the tubes lasting a lifetime because you only need the teeniest amount for a full application.

Even though the shade looks scary, all four of the shades apply really sheerly so they are not overwhelming in the slightest. The shade Haze is described as a deep berry, but a little drop imparts a rosy blush onto the skin. I also like this shade mixed with Dusk for a custom rose-bronze hue.

Pearls of wisdom

Lastly, we have the the Guerlain meteorites. Definitely erring on the sheer side of things, because this is not what I would call a blush per say. More a warming veil of colour that manages to make skin look healthier, luminous and more radiant with just a few strokes. If you’re suffering from post-winter fatigue and are looking for a quick & easy way to inject some life back into the skin then these little pearls are for you. Fake it ’till you make it, so to speak. Also worth noting is how incredibly the Guerlain meteorites smell… just like parma violets, if you’re in the market for makeup that smells like sweeties. I know I am.

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