Byredo Velvet Haze

I have an unhealthy interest in expensive and boujiee perfumes. It’s OK, I’ve accepted it. Top of my lust list always is Byredo. The brand just looks amazing, for starters. So chic and minimalistic. Their scents are also really exciting and they remain a little bit different to others on the market. I’d been obsessed with the scent of Velvet Haze ever since it was released, but it’s an expensive treat so I waited for the right time… #sensible.

Velvet Haze

Top Notes: Ambrette, coconut water

Heart Notes: Patchouli leaves

Base Notes: Cocoa absolu, cotton musks, wild musks

‘The Velvet Haze is that daze state that carries us to artificial paradises, that ardent moment where eternity seems finally regained. The opulence of the scent embarks us in a psychedelic whirlpool reminiscent of the hypnotic beauty of a bonfire’

What does it smell like?

Sexy, grownup patchouli. Seriously, it’s so heavy on the patchouli. Don’t be scared though, because this is a whole new elegant patchouli and not something straight out of the 60s. It’s there when you first spritz it and it’s there when everything has dried down. It smells really sophisticated right away without being too fusty – Chris said it smells ‘exquisite’ and really expensive. It has coconut water as a top note which gives it this richness without it smelling too much of ~holiday~ right away. The coconut does give it a really intensely woody and green element at first that could almost be a little bit hippyish but it warms up quickly.

What’s it similar to?

Um, not a lot. Eep. That’s one of the good things about Byredo, is that their fragrances remain pretty niche in a good way. Also terrible for when you’re trying to contextualise a fragrance over the internet. I’ve smelt patchouli perfumes before and they have not been my thing, but this is musky and warm. Delicious. Fragrantica has a lot of comments comparing it to Narciso Rodriguez but I’m trusting my nose on this one and saying Velvet Haze is tastier; the cocoa in it makes it lean more towards the gourmand side of things.

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