Concealers For All Concerns

Concealer is one of those areas that I find can so often be disappointing. The texture has to be just right in order for it to work its magic most effectively, and the needs for each tend to shift on different areas of the face. I’ve tried a lot of concealer I didn’t like, but also (luckily) a handful of ones I will forever repurchase. They are the Concealers For All Concerns to act as the perfect camouflage for any area.

For banishing blemishes – Makeup Forever

I have used this magical concealer for years and years. It is legit. It’s pretty much the only thing I’ll use as a concealer on my face because I find it so darn good. If there’s a spot that this can’t hide, or at least drastically improve, I’ve yet to come across it… It’s a seriously thick concealer that still manages to blend out onto the skin nicely. A little drop really does go a looooong way so one tube will last you a while. I’ve been through three so far, with each one lasting me at least a year. Serious makeup commitment right there.

For on the go – NARS

This one had to be dug out from the deep recesses of my makeup bag, because it’s one I almost exclusively reserve for on-the-go. It works perfectly fine first thing, too, but it really comes into its own when used for top-ups. It adds a nice bit of coverage without caking, and helps to get rid of midday red noses (anyone else a perpetual Rudolph?!). Plus, it’s teeny tiny and can easily be chucked into a bag and it won’t spill or leak.

For dark shadows – It Cosmetics bye bye under eye

OK so if you have serious under eye circles or shadows and need a hardcore cover-up, then this is for you. It’s thick and needs to be blended out a fair bit, but it magically brightens and illuminates. I find it works best to take a tiny (and I mean tiny) amount and then warm it up between the fingers before dabbing under the eyes. I always reach for this one if I haven’t had enough sleep (or am a bit hungover) because nothing quite matches its abilities to fake look awake. There’s also a new illuminating one, stay tuned for the full details…

For an everyday staple – Clarins Instant Concealer

Old time readers will know that is particular beauty is a long-standing favourite. Why? It’s just so good! It’s one of the most hydrating concealers I’ve come across, so it’s fabulous for under the eyes. It’s just an all-round good concealer that I am certain everyone should have in their possession.

For a budget option – Revolution conceal & define

This is an absolute bargain! Such a good find from the aisles of Superdrug. It’s not the best concealer in the world, and it does crease a little under the eyes but £4 is pretty unbeatable. I’ve heard a lot of comparison between this and my favourite Tarte shape tape concealer; not an outright dupe but about an 80% match. The wands of the two are almost identical. There’s the whole debacle with Tarte being a bit shady and not having an extensive shade line-up too, so anothe reason to check out Revolution.

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