Cult Classics: Eight Hour Cream

What makes a product a cult classic? Is it the longevity of its popularity, the instantaneousness demand for it or is it the repeated praise from beauty experts? Maybe it’s all of the above, and then throw in a little je n’ais se quoi of universal appeal. It’s hard to define exactly what makes a product cult, but it’s not hard to define said cult products. That’s right, it’s time for a new series (gird your loins, folks) dissecting different cult classics and first up is the irrefutably chic Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream.

What is the brand?

Elizabeth Arden is one of those classic brands you’ve always known about. Aside from Eight Hour Cream, there are so many classics that make the entire line iconic. It was founded by Elizabeth Arden over eighty years ago and is still going strong. Perhaps a little old-fashioned with its products and approach, it’s a brand that definitely is aimed at a more mature audience. Their recent collaboration with Lydia Millen (who run the world? Bloggers) has shown them taking a serious step in the direction of all things millenial.

What is it?

Eight Hour Cream is a multi-purpose balm that can be used as a skin-saver for a whole multitude of problems. It was invented by Elizabeth Arden herself (yup, she’s real! Not like Sally Hansen) as a treatment to smooth her horses legs. Mmhmm. It got its name from a customer who had found the balm to heal her son’s grazed knees in eight hours. I mean, this is surely an excellent example of market research paying off.

It’s primarily used for most, I imagine, as a hardcore lip balm. It can also be used as a balm to soothe any areas of irritated skin, like raggedy cuticles or dry elbows. And it can be used to tame flyaway hairs, as a highlighter and as an eye glow. Phew. It does have a very medical smell to it… It’s heavy and not subtle in the slightest. I know it’s going to either be something you love or hate (there is an unscented version!).

What makes it cult?

Well, what doesn’t make it cult? This is definitely one of the most spoken about beauty products of all time. Having won countless awards and being raved about by endless amounts of beauty lovers, Eight Hour Cream is just so iconic. It has a permanent status in beauty editor’s makeup bags, makeup artist’s kits and plenty of blogger’s stashes. One tube is sold every 30 seconds across the world, so you’re in good company.

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