Effortless Everyday Hair

I will never be one of those girls who wakes up in the morning with perfect hair… If you are one of them and have any advice, then please head on over the comments. Every morning when I wake up, my hair resembles Medusa pretty much. I have to take some steps into making it look presentable! I’m also incredibly lazy when it comes to hair, so I take easy steps to achieve my Effortless Everyday Hair.

Rinse and repeat

For washing my hair I am pretty loyal to OXG… They have so many different variations for pretty much everyone. I used the o2 one for my wedding on the recommendation of my hairdresser; a great one for extra bouncy hair. At the moment I’m using the argan oil of morocco duo which is leaving my hair really soft and smooth. Once hair is damp I spritz some of the Sachajuan ocean mist through the ends to give everything a little bit of wave and texture. It’s not sticky! Miraculous for a salt spray.

Good hair day

I use my GHDs so often, they were definitely worth the investment! I bought mine 5 years ago, and they’re still perfect. For an easy curled look, like I have here, I just run the plates through the hair and then flip them when I get to the bottom. It takes ten minutes tops before I’m done. Ten minutes spent on hair is pretty much the maximum amount of time I’m prepared to spend… I’m very lazy. If I want something looking a little fancier, I use my babyliss curling wand which takes longer but gives a more ringlet type of curl. This tends to be reserved for nights out and important meetings only.

Extra steps

Once my hair is dry, I sort of re-evaluate and hope for the best. I’m using the Umberto Giannini Wonder Lift spray to add some extra volume at the top. It’s ridiculously easy to use, and a little bit of it manages to make a lot of volume without feeling like your hair is full of product. When my hair is freshly washed it’s definitely a little bit slippery and fluffy, so something like this is perfect for adding some grip. I’ve been using the evo love touch shine spray on a daily basis to freshen hair up and to leave everything looking less frizzy and a lot more defined. I take a tiny amount of the evo love perpetua shine drops on the ends of any curls because the ends of my hair are the most frazzled and in need of some tlc.


So, I’m obviously not a hair expert but I thought sharing my lazy-girl routine for Effortless Everyday Hair might be helpful!