Rouge G de Guerlain

We all have a brand we adore. Luckily, for me, I have quite a few brands I obsess over… One of my all time favourites has to be Guerlain though. The brand is just so perfect, and their collections always manage to speak to me. Luxurious, yes. Beautiful, also yes. Their new launch of the customisable Rouge G de Guerlain lipsticks just seemed too good to be true. Lipstick you can dress up! Yup, I had to investigate…

Guerlain does good lipsticks, but now they have invented a whole new way to explore and play with different shades. With the cases and shades sold separately, there’s so many different combinations so you can have your makeup bag looking exactly how you like it. Each shade has a floriental scent and each case comes with a double mirror inside it for lipstick touch-ups on the go.

The shades

There are thirty brand new shades in total, ranging from very pale nudes to dark cherries and even a blue and a green! Did not expect that from Guerlain. I’m always inexplicably drawn to blue lipstick, even though I would never wear it out and about. Still, maybe one day… There are a lot of pinks and corals but the shade range is so extensive that I’m convinced there’s at least one for everyone. I went for Antique Pink because I was playing it safe. It’s a pretty every shade that I know I’ll get a lot of use from but I keep thinking about the blue!

Escentual (my go-to beauty shop) has done the most helpful post with true-to-life swatches of every shade and pictures of every case here! They also have super-speedy delivery…

These are a very lipsticky lipstick. As in, your traditional formula and texture. Picture some glamorous Hollywood starlet from the 50s applying lipstick and that’s the sort of experience Guerlain provides. Ingredients wise, it contains jojoba & mango butter along with hyaluronic acid so it’s definitely safe for dry lips. The texture would be best compared to the mac amplified, for comparrisson.

The cases

Here is where things get really exciting – the cases are entirely customisable and can be switched interchangeably with different shades. It’s playing into the whole personal touch when it comes to beauty and then adding a whole new luxurious touch. Their cases have always been particularly luxurious, but how they’re all gorgeous; lighter than ever so nothing is too bulky, too.

There are fifteen different variations of the case, again covering a lot of ground. The one featured here is Miami Glam, because I am all about the pink, obviously. There’s metal, marble, leather and lace to name a few; the different options have really impressed me. I think for lovers of luxury beauty, the prospect of having collectable and limited edition cases is going to be really tempting. A lovely gift with a more personal touch.

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