Haircare Is The New Skincare

This is huge. I’ve never before felt so excited about haircare. What is typically postponed and treated by me as a chore has become a lot more exciting and interesting. Why?¬†Haircare Is The New Skincare, and I love a good trend. In part marketing and in part a shift in attitude, haircare has always been slightly swayed by skincare but it’s bigger than ever. It’s not so much about elaborate routines but more about using specific products for specific concerns and the whole haircare section rapidly becoming more bespoke.

The go-to voice for all beauty trends, Pretty Analytics, also reported on the increase of treatment specific haircare within the category too. The whole approach is much more about personalisation in terms of finding the right formula for you, and a whole host of new launches that have been inspired by skincare.

Instead of micellar water, we have micellar shampoos.

I think it’s safe to say at this point that a bottle of micellar water (the OG Bioderma wins for me) is pretty commonplace in your skincare stash. The waters gently remove makeup and easily leave behind skin that is clean, not stripped. So, the same principle applies to micellar shampoos – they’re gentle on hair, gently remove dirt and product build-up and don’t leave the hair stripped of natural oils.

It works by having tiny balls of cleansing oil molecules in the product, and it’s definitely worth investigating if you wash your hair daily or suffer from dryness of frizz. Although just as a micellar water doesn’t cleanse the skin, a shampoo won’t offer a deep clean for the hair so a clarifying shampoo used once a week should leave your hair in tip-top condition.

Instead of exfoliators, we have scalp treatments.

Our scalp is the same skin as that on our face, so it makes sense to look after it. When left alone, the scalp can become dry which leads to itchiness or it can become too oily, meaning locks look limp. A good scrub means the scalp is left in the best condition possible; any oil or grime is rinsed away and then subsequent hair products are able to work more effectively.¬†There’s a whole plethora of scalp treatments out there – I’d recommend the Christophe Robin purifying scrub used once a week, which is all kinds of lovely.

Instead of serums, we have hair creams.

Just like a serum works by nourishing skin beneath the surface, the Revlon nutri-colour 3-in-1 cocktails work by nourishing hair and instantly leaving hair looking brighter and better. Designed to correspond with your existing hair hue, the treatment is used post-wash and helps to treat and enhance. Shinier hair in seconds.

There’s also the Grow Gorgeous hair growth serum; designed for fine hair or those looking for length. It’s a treatment that moisturises the scalp and increases hair density so everything is fluffier and fuller.

Now we have sheet masks for hair, too.

See, haircare is definitely the new haircare because even the K-beauty trend of sheet masks has crossed over! Redken launched their sheet mask for hair this year, designed to be a weekly ten-minute treatment for thirsty hair. It’s designed to be used post-shampoo and then rinsed out, and used as a restorative treatment.

If sheet masks aren’t your thing, then there’s so many masks for different concerns. I like the Maui one for rescuing frazzled ends. Used post scalp treatment, it’s the new version of multi-masking.

Instead of blotting papers, we have anti-frizz sheets.

Ouai is changing the haircare game! Jen Atkin, Kardashian hair stylist, and her brand are making waves in the category. The anti-frizz sheets are used in the same way as your traditional blotting papers; pressed into the hair lightly, the sheets leave hair smooth and shiny. The individually wrapped sheets can be popped in your bag and used whenever hair is looking particularly unruly. This definitely feels like one of those products that should have been invented a while ago – so clever.

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