Low Maintenance Lipsticks

Ok, so confession time. I’m really lazy. Especially now I’m at home a lot of the time, with the most exciting element of my day being running a few errands, I’ve really become an expert at perfecting¬†Low Maintenance Lipsticks. A quick slick of balm or a tint of colour is my go-to right now. Yup, like I said, I’m lazy. It just means I can throw one in my bag and apply it quickly without a mirror or any effort.

Lipsticks for the lazy

Ch-ch-cherry bomb

I love the Glossier balm dotcoms. I do. I’m so sure this has been establish already… I’ve spoken about them here.¬† All of the balms are so cute and have that collectable factor (or is that just me being a beauty obsessive?). Like pokemon cards for makeup lovers. They just all have nice packaging, they’re pocket-size and they photograph well too! I use the coconut one a lot as a balm (it lives on my desk) but the cherry one is something special. It tastes like those cherry sweets you used to have but most exciting is the tint it leaves behind. Sort of a really natural, Snow White-esque red flush on the lips. The stuff of makeup dreams. This is going to be the one to try if you’re afraid of bold red lipstick.

Glow on

Another product to which I have professed my love multiple times is the Dior lip glow; gimmicky with its claims of adapting to an individual’s lip pH. A glorified lip balm, yes. But it makes lips look way more polished in a flash and the pink is pretty & easy. A balm for adding a little luxury to everyday. I don’t think it makes a bespoke shade of pink for every one but the pink it does make is fairly universal. J’adore!

What a dream

Fresh is one of those brands that has a huge range of lip products, with the lip treatments being one of the better known products. I absolutely love the regular tinted balms because they smell delicious and have a decent amount of pigment for something so comfortable to wear. This advanced therapy treatment is a cross between a highly hydrating treatment and a nice wash of colour. Clever stuff. The tint is so subtle that I imagine it would flatter anyone, and will be especially popular with those suffering from permanently dry lips.