Skincare Just Got Super

The green stuff. Good in smoothies but even better in skincare? It would seem so! I suppose the wellness-obsessed trend would always have filtered down into skincare. If the millenial stereotype of an obsession with avocado toast is anything to go by, our love for all things superfoods shows no signs of slowing down.

Not that superfood skincare is a new trend, so to speak. I have noticed a shift towards greener products and a collective consciousness about what we’re putting in our bodies through food and on our skin through products. There are some newer formulations and products on my desk that are just… super.

Given that I could rave about the virtues of a good serum at any given time, a superfood serum seemed like the perfect place to start. This super greens nutrient boost serum from Tropic is as green as they come! Described as a serum for skin that is tired, blemished, irritated, red or polluted (tick, tick, tick), it’s a daily booster that works by radically boosting skin’s nutrient levels and natural defences.

It is packed with ingredients including kale, chlorophyll, maca root which work on delivering the vitamins and minerals to your skin beneath the surface. The marula and kendi oils are super nourishing and work to hydrate the skin, soothe any irritation and deliver essential vitamins. Then there’s also tamanu oil to reduce blemishes and help promote cell turnover and green coffee extract which is full of caffeine to energise.

I’ve been testing this out for a good couple of months now, and my bottle is looking a lot more battered than it does in these photos… I’ve been using it under moisturiser some mornings and some nights. I prefer it at night because it is pretty oily and somewhat greasy in texture, so I like to spend the time massaging it into skin. With a jade roller. So, the texture is oily but it’s deeply nourishing on the skin. It also doesn’t make your face green, despite appearances. The scent is also very natural and very green. It’s not unpleasant in the slightest, just very strong (If you’ve used rose hip oil before, it shouldn’t bother you).

Aside from serums, there’s a couple of other products that have some impressive ingredients. First is the Kiehl’s creamy eye treatment, which I have used for years. It contains avocado, which helps to really up the hydration. I have used it for so long because it’s just so good. It’s not one for firming, fighting wrinkles or lifting; it doesn’t have any bold claims apart from that it will leave the eye area hydrated. The skin under my eyes gets really dry all of the time, and this remains the only product that makes a noticeable difference.

I’ve tried turmeric lattes, but I have to say I much prefer it as an ingredient in my skincare… The Kiehl’s turmeric & cranberry seed energising radiance masque uses turmeric to invigorate and brighten the skin. Turmeric, as an ingredient, can help to fight UV damage and it also acts as an antibacterial element to help with blemishes. The mask works by leaving it to treat the skin, and then through gentle exfoliation upon removal. The cranberry seeds can be worked into the face as you rinse off, so skin is instantly left looking brighter and bouncier. I love a face mask that delivers instant results – this one is perfect as skin does look so much fresher right after use. A good contender for pre-event skincare, to prep.

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