The Secret To The Perfect Night’s Sleep

Sleeping could easily be considered one of my favourite hobbies. Not to brag, but I’m really good at it. I’m one of those people who needs their eight hours to function, or else I’m no use to anyone. I also tend to sleep pretty well, but recently I’ve been having consecutive nights of amazing sleep. The Secret To The Perfect Night’s Sleep are too good not to share.

Time for a disco nap


Kicking things off with what started this best ever sleep cycle is the humble sleep mask. Definitely more than a little boujie, an eye mask is one of the fastest ways to feel like a movie star/diva/princess. Mine is from Oliver Bonas, and it looks dreamy. It has soft velvet on one side and a silky soft lining.

OK so it looks lovely, but a sleep mask also helps to improve the quality of your sleep. If you’re someone to struggles to nod off, or stay asleep, then a sleep mask is basically a necessity. It stops any light from disturbing you, helps you to drift off to sleep faster and means your sleep is uninterrupted. Once it’s on, it takes about five seconds to fall asleep.

Make a mist

Another critical step is finding a good pillow spray. I think the benefit of this is much more about creating a calm and soothing ritual before bed. I know lavender smells nice, and if I spray it every night before bed I am tricking my brain into knowing it’s time to fall asleep. #science. Lavender has been shown to promote the deepest kind of sleep, so you’re going to be better rested come morning.

I really like the REN one, plus it matches my eye mask so that’s got to count for something. I tend to dowse my pillow ten minutes before I want to fall asleep, and having done it nightly for a few months I’m used to the routine. When I smell it, it instantly makes me feel more relaxed, so it’s one I’m gonna repurchase!

Create a calm atmosphere

Following on from having a good pillow spray, having the right setting for a good night’s sleep is the best. Any excuse to feel extra snuggly is more than OK with me. Clean sheets helping you to feel better is a universally acknowledged truth. They really do. Lots of blankets and super-soft pyjamas definitely make the prospect of jumping into bed a lot more tempting, and make falling asleep seem a lot sweeter.

Extra steps

The best tip for falling asleep? Having background noise. Nothing too loud or distracting, but something soft and gentle in the background works wonders. I like listening to white noise or audio books as I drift off. In my humble, sleep-loving, opinion the best thing to listen to has to be Harry Potter… read by Stephen Fry. It’s possibly the most relaxing thing in the world. Audible has the best selection with a huge selection of books.


Do you have any tips for nodding off?

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