Tried & Tested Blemish Busters

Getting a blemish is up there with a few of my least favourite things… it’s just so annoying. Frustratingly sometimes here’s nothing that can stop a pesky pimple from showing up, and I’ve tried a lot of solutions to make them disappear. I’ve got the three best Tried & Tested Blemish Busters for your skincare woes.

Blemishes, meet your match…

One for everyday & preventative use – La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo+

They do say prevention is the best cure… I know for some blemishes there is nothing you can do. I get hormonal breakouts and skincare/diet/water intake never seems to make a difference. For the ones you can do something about though, preventing them from even appearing is the way to go. I’ve used the effaclar duo for years and years now, and it remains one of my absolute skincare staples.

I tend to use this most days on any oilier areas on my face as a morning and evening moisturiser/treatment. The formula is not sticky at all, and it sinks in immediately – this one is slightly tinted as well for no makeup days. It doesn’t sting at all, so anyone could use it.

The reason it works so well? It’s packed with ingredients to improve the skin. It has niacinamide (more on why this is a hero ingredient here) to soothe the skin, zinc to control shine and salicylic acid which unclogs the surface of the skin.

One for unclogging pores – The Ordinary Salicylic Acid Solution

This one is a little bit of a step-up from Effaclar in terms of potency, but it’s still one for daily use. It’s really concentrated, so a little drop goes a long way for leaving the skin clearer. It can be used morning & evening in small amounts over any blemish-prone areas to make sure everything is as clear as can be. Or it can be used on individual areas to beat an existing breakout quickly. It’s not as gentle as the Effaclar, so it’s one one to use if your skin is sensitive or feeling sore.

Don’t let the word acid scare you; salicylic acid works by exfoliating the skin inside the pores. Existing blemishes are reduced and further breakouts are prevented. The formula also contains witch hazel to reduce redness on the skin which makes the skin look calmer.

One for SOS situations – Clinique anti-blemish solutions gel

This is the one I purchased originally right before I got married. I’m normally fairly lucky skin-wise but I think the stress of working long hours combined with usual pre-wedding bits was too much. The skin around my chin was horrific. It was bad. I was doing all my usual skincare, drinking water and eating my veggies so the only thing that had changed was my stress levels. Then the worse my skin got, the more I was worrying because my wedding day dream did not involved multiple layers of concealer.

I went into Selfridges and looked round at all the different skincare counters – basically asking everyone for help. I know that sometimes Clinique skincare can be pretty harsh, which is sort of what I wanted. The SA recommended this, I bought it and hurriedly applied it. The next morning? Spots were visibly less red and angry. It doesn’t work on under-the-skin spots (those are the worst!) but for anything else it works magically. A word of warning is that this does dry out skin so it’s best to use for a few days only.

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