Two US Brands You Need To Try

Brands we can’t get are instantly much more interesting. It’s the need to know if the grass really is greener combined with my need to try every beauty product, ever. Luckily for us, two of the hippest US brands have launched into the UK so we can get our hands on them really easily. With Herbivore having the Instagram aesthetic of dreams and IGK having the nicest packaging ever, we are spoilt for choice right now…

Two US Brands You Need To Try


Where would I be without these gorgeous, hard-to-find Instagram brands? They’re so elusive and lovely, and tempting. Herbivore has recently launched exclusively into Space NK with pretty much all of their products. I was lucky enough to be able to meet the founders (Julia and Alex, a Seattle-based married couple) and be walked through their line-up.

The Herbivore ethos is all about products that are results-driven and effective whilst also being non-toxic and pure. Everything is essentially packed full of active ingredients (all killer, no filler), and they have a focus on the products being organic & quality, food-grade ingredients. There’s no animal testing, parabens, mineral oils or sodium laurel sulfate in any of the products.

The line-up of products is fairly comprehensive, and happily for my Instagram a lot of it is pink. There are three facial oils that are all on my radar, mists, masks, body scrubs and moisturisers. I was most excited to try the Moon Fruit superfruit night treatment. It’s a souped-up night cream containing fruit enzymes (papaya, lemon, sugar cane, orange, bilberry and cranberry to be exact) to resurface the skin whilst you sleep along with hyaluronic acid to hydrate. It also has antioxidant protection and shea butter, so one to look out for if it easily clogs your skin. It’s pastel purple because it has ‘indigo root powder’.

I’ve been testing this out and the texture is gorgeous. Not too heavy so you go to bed feeling greasy but enough to really hydrate the skin. It also smells like lavender (so delicious and calming), which is always good before schlepping off to bed. It’s not one for radical overnight skin transformations, but it has made a visible difference to reducing breakouts and it just makes skin look a whole lot fresher come morning.

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Does having cool hair products make your hair look better? I hope so. It definitely doesn’t hurt in any case, and it might just tempt us to use them more. I did a whole post on why haircare is the new skincare here, too! If there’s one brand that’s going to tempt you into using it, I’m betting it’s going to be IGK. The achingly-cool brand from the US, IGK was founded by four stylists who set out to create trends rather than follow them. It’s a super modern approach to haircare that aims to fit into your everyday life and be as easy to use as possible.

It’s just such a cool brand. Y’know what I mean. Brands who nail their marketing and packaging just have this certain hype to them from their very first product drop; IGK has only been around for two years, so it’s grown so much really quickly! Similarly to Herbivore, it’s also exclusively available in Space NK right now.

First into my stash is the Jet Lag dry shampoo, which might just be the best-looking hair product of all time. Described as an invisible dry shampoo, this is one for frequent use to postpone a wash or to add some texture to fine hair. It’s not Batiste levels of my hair is 99% dry shampoo right now, but a sexier and more sophisticated way to style. It really doesn’t leave a noticeable residue in the hair, and instantly injects some oomph into locks. Plus, it smells great and helps to make things look a little bed-head in the best kind of way.

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