Why You Need Collagen In Your Skincare

Hands up who loves skincare… I know I do. There are so many skincare buzzwords that things can get a little overwhelming in terms of working out what you need for your skin. I’ve done a whole series on demystifying different ingredients here, and today we’re focussing on Why You Need Collagen In Your Skincare.

Collagen is something that our body already produces, and it does its job with supporting the skin. Essentially it helps to keep the skin firm and supple. It decreases naturally overtime, which is what causes more and more wrinkles to appear. Applying topical collagen products to the skin isn’t a fountain of youth situation for the skin but utilising collagen-based skincare from SBC helps to temporarily minimise signs of ageing and it helps to smooth, hydrate and moisturise. Collagen. More than just an anti-ageing buzzword.

post in collaboration with SBC

A hit of hydration

I absolutely adore finding a new moisturiser that manages to deeply hydrate the skin and sit nicely under makeup. My skin errs on the side of being dry and dehydrated at all times, but I also don’t love the texture of rich creams under all my many layers of makeup. It’s a hard one to find the right balance between nourishment and greasiness. This collagen day & night cream manages to get the levels just right, making it my morning go-to. It has shea butter, sweet almond oil, kukui seed oil and (giving it its scent) passion flower oil; the texture means it’s not one for dry skin. If your skin is also dry then this is going to be an excellent pick.

Cleanse with benefits

I go through many different stages of cleanser preferences, with my pick for makeup removal at the moment being the classic cream cleanser. Something about a cream-based product never gets old… Great for removing makeup quickly, for a speedy morning cleanse or for soothing the skin when everything is a little stressed. This 3-in-1 cleanser promises to remove all grime from the skin, remove makeup, gently exfoliate the skin and reveal a brighter complexion. It’s replaced my milky jelly cleanser as my shower-cleanser because it doesn’t dry out my skin and it has a pump. All cleansers should come with a pump.

Scrubs up

Lastly, we have the brand new collagen body polish. I have never seen a product with  a texture like this… it’s really fun to use. It has a texture like sorbet, so it doesn’t feel ‘scrubby’ in the traditional sense. Rather, it gently buffs the skin thanks to the inclusion of pumice (the particles are really fine so skin isn’t damaged at all). There’s also, as with the skincare, plenty of marine collagen inside it so skin is left really nourished and silky soft. This is one to grab if other scrubs leave your skin feeling a little parched post-shower.