Charlotte Tilbury Bigger Brighter Eyes

Did I need another palette? Definitely not. Did that stop me? Obviously not! I am not one to be deterred easily. Charlotte Tilbury can be filed under one of my makeup weak spots; the brand just speaks to me on a very important level. The newest craze all about filters irl (see more on the flawless filter primer here) does seem pretty gimmicky to me but alas, I am weak. I couldn't help it. Especially this Bigger Brighter Eyes palette, which promised to be an Instagram filter to make my eyes look like a cartoon when I'm walking around in my daily life. Warm-toned deliciousness.

Bigger Brighter eyes

I suppose the onset of filter-inspired products was completely inevitable. We are becoming more and more obsessed with our faces and our appearances in general so it makes sense that the trend would spill into our makeup bags. Ever the trend-setter, Tilbury has launched the two new palettes which promise to make eyes look big and sparkly. The shades have been chosen to make the tones in your eye colour pop as much as possible. It's the tried & tested approach with prime, enlarge, define & pop shades together in complementary tones.

Essentially it's a little edit of a palette of shades where the matte is used to add shadow and carve out some depth and then the lighter shades are used to bring light. It's not a new concept but I think having it in this little quad is clever marketing, and makes for ease of use. Plus, did I mention I love all things Tilbury? She's my makeup crush... even if she does sleep in her makeup.

Does it make eyes look bigger & brighter?

Well, yes. I mean, I'll let you be the judge to see whether you think my eyes are looking brighter but it's one of those formulas that does complement your eyes, whatever colour. It's nothing ground-breaking in terms of the shades, but the warm neutrals are a nice pop of colour. Definitely dupeable, but pretty much all of the line is when it comes to shades and textures. It's much more about the brand and Charlotte herself being a makeup bag hero.

Following the guide for the shades, I used the lightest shade all over the lid and this definitely does neutralise any redness and make everything look a little doe-eyed. The main copper-esque shade goes all over the lid and then the matte shades add some definition. It's your basic shading & adding dimension to the lids, but done in a fool-proof way.


The shades and formula

Oh, you guys. The mattes in this palette are absolutely sensational. All matte shadows should be like this. Very pigmented, blendable and creamy. Perfection. The lightest shade is a shimmery wash that is nothing to write home about. The bronze shade for all over the lid is gorgeous - a good mix of something adding warmth without being too overtly gold or dramatic. The warm matte brown shade was always going to be one of the best, and it's a joy to use. Would recommend using this as a one-sweep wonder all over the lid for wearing alongside a bold lip. All shades are going to be good for blue/brown/green eyes.


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