The Best Peony Perfumes

The Best Peony Perfumes

It's finally peony season. I have been waiting for the beautiful blooms to come back into season all year. Not only do peonies look gorgeous (especially on Instagram!), but they smell incredible too. Softer than roses but still undeniably floral and inviting, peonies are the flowers for me. Luckily for us, there are some addictive peony perfumes so we can get our peony fix all year round.

Peony Perfume Picks - Acqua di Parma

Acqua di Parma peony perfume review

Jo Malone peony and blush suede review

There's peonies, and then there are peonies. Adding all of the luxury, Acqua di Parma manages to make all things pink seem incredibly decadent. The scent itself is not ground-breaking with any of its notes of inclusions but the whole thing has been tied together so nicely that you just smell expensive. It's floral and fruity and a wonderful springtime pick.


Peony Perfume Picks - Jo Malone

Uh huh. We couldn't have a peony perfume edit without the infamous peony & blush suede, could we? This is definitely a blogger favourite; this cologne must surely be one of the most definitive feminine fragrances around. It's just so very pretty. It's soft and easy to wear - a beautiful pick and one I know a lot of brides choose to wear on their wedding day. The 'suede' in it gives the whole scent an extra softness which just keeps the whole thing delicate without being too overpoweringly floral. I like it best when it's on its own as it the softness of the whole thing shines.

Peony Perfume Picks - Narcisco Rodriguez

Narcisco Rodriguez fleur musc review

Flower power! If the thought of a peony scent on its own doesn't tempt you, then this Fleur Musc might just because it's the sensory equivalent of being inside of a flower shop. It has roses and peonies beautifully combined to make something extra-floral (without being cloying). Add in the top note of pink peppercorn to give it a modern twist and the musk which grounds the whole thing, and we have a suitably lovely peony pick.


Peony Perfume Picks - Elizabeth and James

The Olsen twins make really nice perfumes... Who knew? The main notes in White Nirvana are peony, lily of the valley and musk - it's nowhere near as musky as Narcisco; there's a sweetness in the opening of this perfume which I think fans of Marc Jacobs perfumes will enjoy. After the initial sweetness, the entire composition remains clean and floral - I can imagine this being a great daily pick for a lot of people as it would go with anything and has the ability to be layered to intensify/mix it.


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